Howling winds

whistling through the air

branches snapped

they scatter the ground

Welcome To Autumn


Leaves blown

here and there

Summer chairs left out

now tipped over


Plant Pots

look lonely on their sides

Lavender branches so sad

“look at my Roses”


Camellias in pots

call out “rescue me”

as they lay one by one

abandoned on Terrace corners

and fences lay like injured Soldiers


Birds flying here and there

nests fallen on untidy lawns

Squirrells still feed on the nuts

as Daisy with her tail between her legs

hides under my desk

Welcome To Autumn









One and only, Frank Sinatra  –  Autumn Leaves  –  1957 recorded.














4 thoughts on “WELCOME TO AUTUMN

    1. Wherever and whenever you go to Ireland you can guarantee it will rain somewhere in Ireland for 20 minutes at least once a day. May should be just like England, Spring weather but of course the 20mins of rain. We always went in September, and very lucky with the weather, always sunny and warm. Ireland is stunning always, you will fall in love with it, I don’t know the North only the South.


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