So another Terrorist Bomb explodes in London, this time on the District Commuter line, I have used the District line countless times just as one uses the Central line and all the others, and though a Terrorist bomb going off enters one’s mind when traveling on London’s extremely busy commuter underground you can’t live like that waiting for it to happen

How I recall standing by the side door in the tube and someone would get in with a big box, package and all eyes would turn to that item and the owner and we all thought the same.

Now there has been an explosion, many hurt, including a 10 year old Boy, so far thank God no one killed.  How many Terrorist attacks has this been in London and the Politicians will start fighting between each other and arguing who is to blame the PM or this one or that one.

SHUT UP I say, stop the stupidity and work together and find the Terrorists, there are cells of Terrorists throughout the Country.  WAKE UP THE UK and start looking around start taking note start watching what is going on.

I know the arguments will start and I will be accused of being a Racist, thats the most popular call in the Country, if you’re white you are a racist – if you voted Brexit you most certainly are a racist – if you put a flag up of your Country The Saint George Cross, you are a racist, we tolerate far too much crap in this Country!!  Our Security is atrocious, we let far too many immigrants/migrants into this Country, they are not checked properly.  When the authorities catch suspected Terrorists, do they imprison their Relatives or Friends, who should be questioned, NO of course they do not.

Yet during the last War, not that I was alive at the time, but I know that during the last War when Mussolini entered the War, Italians in this Country,  were rounded up and imprisoned, their shops, homes, all businesses were attacked like they were, or worse fire bombed, why the hell can’t those close members of Terrorists caught by our Security forces be rounded up.

We have become too soft in the UK, far too soft.  This will not be the last Terrorist Attack, the Terrorists live amongst us, and those that call me a racist for saying so, I don’t give a damn what you think.  I lived through the IRA bombings in this Country, my Parents were from Southern Ireland, they never sided with the IRA.  My Father’s eldest Brother aged 16 was blown to pieces by the notorious British Black and Tans, this was during the “Troubles” as they were called in the 1920s, did my Father hold resentment hatred for the British, no he was far too intelligent, he loved this Country the UK.    I recall we had an Irish neighbour who lived across the road from us and once when my mother was talking to this neighbour as she said what terrible bombings had taken place, he told my mother “shut your mouth woman, you don’t know who you are talking to”, I was there I witnessed that.  He was a  big name in the Church as a so called devout Catholic, I would say to my Father “why isn’t he put inside”, my Father would tell me “be careful girlie what you say, he knows too many”, when you are 18, 19 you know best!!  I do think that man should have been put inside, he also collected for the IRA.  This will not be popular what I am going to say, but thank heavens we had a very strong determined Prime Minister, we had Margaret Thatcher.  We need a strong Prime Minister now, not Corbyn or the Lefty Pinkos of the Labour Party but someone like Thatcher, someone not popular but someone who would not be soft.

If the Terrorists think that by bombing us they will break us, you really don’t know us.  When we have our backs up against the wall we fight back and we SHALL BEAT THE TERRORISTS.  If they think that by bombing us is the way to rid this Country of Christianity they are so wrong, it will never happen, we will not be ruled by bloody fanatics.  For a start this Government and former Governments, Blair pushed for this no doubt, far too many Mosques were allowed to be built, this is a Christian Country and will always be so.  Those that don’t like it, then they know where they can go and they know what they can do with their so called Education Centres too.

I don’t believe the Government or the Security Forces, or the Police don’t know who the Bomber on the tube was or the other Terrorists.  They know damn well, they are putting us in danger.  They seemed too frightened to tell us the truth or more than likely they believe we are too stupid to understand.  CCTV had to capture the Bomber, arrest all those that had connections with him, lock them away and keep them there.

Sooner or later, and perhaps sooner, this Country is going to see a backlash on the streets and they are not going to stop it, there are people high up just waiting for this to happen, they are part of it.  The ordinary people have had enough, they are taking far too much and they will not take it much longer.

Now where and when is the next Terrorist Bombing planned for.  Here in the UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany other European Countries, and of course the United States but the Terrorists face better security checks there, than they do here.

TWENTY TWO People Injured, that included a young Boy aged 10 years.  So far no reports of any Deaths.  Next time How Many Dead How Many Injured.  The Terrorists will be back, thats for sure.


As I looked to the most beautiful Crescent Moon and Constellation of Stars at nearly 5am this morning, we are on this Earth for a short time, none of us know how long.  All people can do is cause Wars, kill each other, fight, fight fight, what the hell for.  The Wildlife is being destroyed, we are destroying all that surrounds us and why?  Can you tell me?   We should all be existing together, making the most of life.  Yet Terrorists Blow People up, Monuments up, Animals, the Land for what purpose.  They call themselves believers in whatever they claim.

STOP, STOP IT NOW you are fighting for what?  Most of the morons who follow the orders go out and butcher have not a clue.

Wake up, we cannot continue like this in this World of ours, I look back on those years gone and somehow we all seemed a damn sight happier than now.  We have all become too shallow.

I liked the Actor and great American, John Wayne, very much, from one of his films I liked “The Cowboys” in a scene from the film, he said the words “big mouth don’t make a big man” – perhaps someone should tell the Terrorists that.


Have a great Weekend, hopefully see you next week if you feel like popping in to see my blog.  Take care of yourselves, see you soon.    Anna




    1. It has to doesn’t it poppet. Right will always win over evil. I meant to ask you when you mentioned Dublin the other day, you would have been on your cruise right now wouldn’t you? The two of us have to get better and stronger so you can sail away and I can fly to SF. Hopefully these Iron injections every other day for the Pernicious Anemia, will sort me out, how about you?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My friend Donna who is 87 is having the iron shots, too. They seem to be doing her a bit of good. Hope they do you. And yeah, we’d be there now. I’m beginning to be more hopeful about coming in May. I didn’t think I would feel that way, but it’s getting better a little bit every day. I start stepping down from the predinsone on the 22nd and we’ll see what my muscles do without it. Wish me luck! Hugs!

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