WALTER BENTON    –    Born October 27, 1904 in Austria.  Died March 7, 1976 aged 71 years.  Died in the United States.

He was born In Austria of Russian parents.  Walter Benton lived most of his life in the United States.  After working on a farm, in a steel mill, as a window washer, as a salesman, and various other jobs, he entered Ohio University in 1931, and in due course was graduated.  He then spent five years as a social investigator in New York.  During the second World War he served in the United States Army, being commissioned a lieutenant of the Signal Corps in the autumn of 1942 and later being promoted to a captaincy.  He returned to New York devoting his time to writing.


Vermont, New York — Entry October 24    –  THIS IS MY BELOVED

The Green Hills sprawl in the last of autumn.

This morning I lay on a hillside

and the sun was warm  . . .  it was like lying naked under your naked kisses –


and eleven years of you moved through my memory – eleven years

walked, laughed, lay, loved me  …  ate, drank, quarrelled, made up,

The sweat of the leaves under my feet excited me   –  leaves left where they fall

are sweeter in the air than crushed green mint or fallen apples.


O what is this that drives me so as if to keep some destined date!


The sun lovers …  I smoke hard to check the jitters.

The train drives a shrieking wedge between the hills.  I close my eyes,

I move to give you the window seat beside me   –

though two states lie between us  …  and four long terrible months.



ANNE REEVE ALDRICH  –  Born 1866 and Died 1892

Anne Reeve Aldrich was an American poet and novelist.  She was born April 25, 1866 in New York and died June 22, 1892 also in New York.  She wrote a number of poems in which she seemed to prophesy an early death for herself, then died at the tender age of 26.  Her great Uncle was the poet James Aldrich.  She published her first volume of poetry THE ROSE OF FLAME in 1889 it was not well received (critics cited its “unrestrained expression”).  She was also said to have written “erotic” poems.  But she persevered, publishing a novel THE FEET OF LOVE in 1890, and it seems she was working on her final volume of poems even on her deathbed.



Green blood fresh pulsing through the trees,

Blacks buds, that sun and shower distend;

All other things begin anew,

But I must end.


Warm sunlight on faint colored sward,

Warm fragrance in the breezes’ breath;

For other things art heat and life,

For me is death.


Much to my shame I have not heard of Anne Reeve Aldrich but I am so terribly impressed with what I have read about her and her poems.  I understand her writing, I write of Love, passion, betrayal and death amongst other things, and I suppose some could say, and they certainly do, that some of my work is “erotic”, without a doubt I am a Romantic, so I guess that is why I am drawn to Anne Reeve Aldrich.  I smiled when I read that the so called critics were not kind to her.  Critics what do they know, does it matter whether it suits them or not, its the public that buy the poetry.  Jealousy plays its wicked hands when it comes to the critics and how  they try to destroy the writer, God forbid the Poet may make money from his or her writing, then the critics really come out with the most vile comments, to hell with the critics.

Walter Benton what can one say that has not already been said before.  Romantic, most definitely, sexual, erotic oh yes.  Inspired so many young poets.  If you have not read the only two books Walter Benton wrote THIS IS MY BELOVED and NEVER A GREATER NEED, do try and read them.  I am fortunate I have both books, very very old now.

As, ever, have a really good Weekend.  Stay safe and hopefully you might look in again on my site, I appreciate all that do.  Take care,  Anna.















Aaron Copland  APPALACHIAN SPRING  so very beautiful.









Just a treat because the Poems above were by Romantic Poets.  Enjoy John Lennon, lovely song.




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