So here we have it, all those so called famous people ie George Clooney and wife, ex footballer and mr tv Gary Lineker, and the other “Corbynisters” who tell us we should take in refugees and help them, yes of course we should.  Like hell.

Today the “bomber” who planted explosives on a District line Train on London’s busy commuter line, yesterday Friday, was arrested today.  He was brought into this Country and fostered by Mr Ronald and Mrs Penelope Jones, well this piece of crap was arrested trying to escape from Dover Port, in Kent.  Obviously to France where he was I suspect going to join the terrorists cells there, because there are terrorist cells everywhere.

Bomb making equipment was found in a shed at the bottom of the garden of the Jones, when Police raided their home, what else did they find?  By all accounts the Jones were the pillar of the community, the Queen (wonder how she is feeling, a fool?) even awarded these two people with an MBE for the fostering of children they do.

I just hope that the Police, MI5 and the rest carry out investigations not only on the couple but all those foster “children” they raised.   What is the Government going to do about this? If this is an example of their fostering they certainly did a good job having harboured a Terrorist.

Please don’t tell me these people did not know what was going on in their own home, never mind the garden shed where this attempted murderer made his bombs.

I am sick, thoroughly sick to death and so damn annoyed at all these do-gooders who tell us we should allow in more immigrants/migrants, NO, NO, NO, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  No more excuses.  When are the people in whatever Country going to accept that the terrorists are living amongst us.

This piece of absolute rubbish chose to bomb this particular commuter train because he knew it would be packed with commuters and he knew that there would be so many children onboard as they headed off to School.  The Death Toll would have been enormous and I hate to think if that bomb had done the damage this crap intended, what would have happened on that underground train.

No excuses no words of “we didn’t know” should come from the mouths of the Jones, how the hell could anyone believe them, just excuses thats what they will do.  For a start their damn MBE (the Honour system here in the UK I do not agree with) should be removed from them.  I hope someone will set up a campaign to have it removed, I would sign it for sure.

As for the so called Mayor of London Sadiq Khan saying every time a bomb goes off in London “WE will win and not be defeated” who the hell are “WE” who is he referring to all the people of London or just his Muslim brothers?

I know there are those who like and support President Trump just as I know there are those that hate him, but he was Right in his message that the London Police here knew about this bomber.  Two weeks ago the Police arrested him and let him GO, what the hell were they playing at.  Why were they not tracking him.  The Police it is said questioned him, questioned him is that a joke, they let this piece of shit leave the Police Station and two weeks later he plants a bomb on a busy commuter train on the London underground, there would have been fireballs in the tunnels going up to street level, the thought is horrific and the London Police let him GO.  Where were the Security Police where were the Terrorist Police, were they not told the London Police had arrested this bomber two weeks ago.  And, pray what were the Police doing two weeks ago when they did not raid the home of the Jones, where in the back garden shed they would have HAD THEY LOOKED, that is the Police there they would have seen bomb making equipment.

For Christ sake we are facing Terrorists on the streets, walking past people entering a tube station walking onto a train, seeing men women children sitting and standing on that tube train and he plants a Bomb, more and more Police are needed, especially those with a brain and eye sigh

This Country has become too soft, far too soft we need to investigate all those people that come to light, this is like a War – a War on our Streets.  Tony Blair when PM not only took this Country into a bloody War with his lies, he opened the flood gates and let immigrants in, now we can’t stop them, well we have to put an end to all of these people coming in thats the truth, its not racism its being honest and its trying to say we can’t go on letting Terrorists come here and grow up here.

Look at France, Belgium, Holland, Germany (Germany so strong look at it now), Sweden so liberal the Police don’t even stop all the Raping of the women that goes on there.   The bombers aren’t going to stop, there are those no doubt already making bombs to go off somewhere in London any day now.

Wake Up, these scum have declared War on the Western World, they aren’t going to go away, WE have to fight back.



  1. You haven’t changed a bit, that’s for sure, what you’re doing/writing is only your opinion which at the end of the day incites/invites more hate. I agree they are evil, and cowards and must be dealt with. However on the immigrants from their part of the world you’re wrong, or to put it another way should the evil that the immigrants flee from take hold here, ‘take hold‘ being the keyword, where would we seek sanctuary? Remember they are fleeing from their own corrupt governments, under threat of death. The ISIS are taking advantage of the immigrant situation as was expected, but and not even they know who’s who till its to LATE. Delete my comment if you so wish, but it wont make the problem go away, neither will your opinions!

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    1. Mick, how little you know me, if you did you would know that I am not that type of pathetic individual who would remove comments that disagree with me, I find that rather upsetting that you even for one moment thought that I would not show a comment that was opposed to what I wrote. I take it for granted that if I am fortunate to have people read my blogs that are clever enough to know that what I write is my opinion and in NO way am I inciting hatred or even inviting people to hate those that are not Christians. I think you need to take a close look at where the hatred is coming from. As for the immigrants/migrants (migrants you forget to mention I always stress them as well)there are enough people in this Country who have spoken out against any more being allowed in, and there are also those in this Country too scared to speak out, I don’t give a damn if anyone calls me a racist. My own parents were immigrants to this Country, a Country that they loved and raised a Family in. My own Father had his eldest Brother aged 16years blown to pieces by British troops, so don’t tell me I don’t understand about immigrants. It has been proved and cannot be denied that there have been immigrants allowed into this Country who are Terrorists,. it has happened throughout Europe, and Europe cannot cope with what is happening. Take a good look at Greece, and Spain, Italy, France, Belgium,Holland, Germany – Germany once so strong now thanks to that stupid woman Merkel “”Come all welcome” call because an immigrant girl she upset, cried for the tv cameras. I have been told about Sweden and the rapeing that goes on and the Police do nothing, its happened here. This Country has always been known to take in refugees, damn it enough money goes out of this Country for them. Whatever horror stories these people have, there comes a time when financially this Country cannot cope anymore, when the people have had enough and instead of the Government and other Political parties stirring up trouble thinking of bringing more and more immigrants/migrants in, they should start thinking about their own People. The District Line bombing could have been more disastrous, fireballs throughout the tunnels, think about that. Are you seriously telling me that there are not Terrorists that have been allowed in here. Its only a matter of time until the next Bomb goes off in London, what will you say then? People are invited to read my blog they are not told to agree with me, we have a choice whilst this Country is still a Democratic Country. “You haven’t changed a bit, thats for sure,” comment at the start of your reply was unnecessary and spiteful, I will say I am not sure what you are getting at. One final point, I have never stressed that my opinions will make “the problem go away” I write not because I have to but because I want to, I love writing and despite all you say I shall continue to write, all comments good or bad are welcomed. I trust that you are keeping well. All the best, Anna.


      1. One question Anna, do you still think Trump was the man for the Job? That Putin is of a sound mind? You really are inciting hatred, no terrorists have been knowingly ALLOWED, into this country, where are you coming from. The stupidity, your choice of word, is that the sad people of the ISIS terrorist group have all been radicalised into believing that a western coalition went out of their way to murder innocents in their countries, (Current being Syria), Not the case, unfortunate collateral damage, and probable mistakes. What they also disregard is the fact that western aid was requested, for wherever reason, and although given it wasn’t given without aforethought. (Iraq, I don’t think we’ll ever know it all on that one). You can’t tag all Muslims, with the ISIS way of thinking, for if you do then tell me that isn’t inciting bad feelings.

        As for the deletion bit, I never suggested you would, I just give you an option, in as much that I would not be offended if you did. Even though all the above is relevant, I think North Korea, well its leader, is a world worry, especially as he is getting support from Putin.
        All the best, be safe,

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    2. I will answer you more fully perhaps tomorrow but for now I will answer you this, because for your own personal reasons you seem determined to cause some kind of row and thats something I will not give you, its the impression you have left me. So you claim that “you really are inciting hatred”, am I indeed. What you I suspect you are claiming is I am a Racist, but you wont say it. You think what you like I know what I am I know what I believe, and the fact that I believe we have the right to speak up we have the right to say financially this Country can’t go on taking in Immigrants AND Migrants, the Hospitals can’t cope the local authorities can’t cope why should the British Taxpayer and I suppose you are one, I am from a Widow’s Pension, why should I be expected to pay my taxes for these people coming in. You can’t prove that these checks of these immigrants/migrants coming in are 100% safe, you are trying to make out that I said Terrorists are being ALLOWED IN KNOWINGLY, come off it. The Terrorist who planted the bomb to go off by mobile phone was not some misunderstood youngster, he was a Terrorist fostered by a couple who don’t tell me they did not notice that this chap had also made two other bombs and the Police also found in the shed at the bottom of the garden Guns. So those that voted for President Trump are all White Extremists we are being forced to believe, so what about all the Blacks (can one say Black?) that voted for President Trump. Do I think he is still the right man for the job, Yes I do. More Women voted against Clinton than for her, Clinton well I need not say you know the truth. I would rather have President Trump in the White House right now than Clinton. You offended me deeply by even giving me as you put it “the option to delete” your comment, the fact the thought entered your mind to say that to me. I have disagreed with a friend on many things here on the internet but not once did he or I suggest “deleting” the comment, surely one can talk back and forth, what a sad world if we all agreed. I thought very well of you Mick I am sorry to see that you hold a certain opinion of me, you certainly do not know me. All the best to you, Anna.


      1. The end, you make things up as you go a along, your opinions are your prerogative, I have never said you are not entitled to voice them. Might or might not agree with them, but in my opinion you are inciting hatred with what you are saying most of the time. Try speaking for peace, for it will happen, with or without the human race!


    3. Mick, when you say “ISIS terrorist group have all been radicalised into believing that a western coalition went out of their way to murder innocents in their countries”, that’s by no means the sole reason or cause. That is liberal media line that many who can’t (or don’t want to) see the truth believe. Let’s take a look at some events and then consider what links them all together shall we, and also maybe you can tell me which of these attacks “I’ve made up as I went along”?

      · Attack on the Jewish museum in Belgium

      · Canadian Parliament attack

      · Tunisian Museum attack

      · Murder of Lee Rigby

      · Tunisian beach attacks

      · Turkey bombings

      · Swedish rapes*

      · Russian plane blown up from Egypt to St Petersburg

      · Paris attacks (the Bataclan, Football Stadium, Restaurants)

      · San Bernadino attacks

      · Brussels train station attacks

      · Orlando bar attack*

      · Nice truck attacks

      · Sexual abuse of hundreds of white British girls*

      · Beheading of the French priest

      · Berlin Christmas market truck attack

      · Sexual assaults at Cologne on New Years Eve*

      · Westminster Bridge attack

      · Charlie Hebdo attacks

      · Manchester Area attack

      · London Bridge attack

      · Barcelona attack

      · Failed London tube attack

      * Denotes crimes that have absolutely NOTHING to do with supposed Western interference in the Middle East (you sole explanation for the rise of these crimes and attacks) but like it or not are down to the culture that comes with some of these supposed immigrants in “desperate need of shelter”.

      You ask “Where would I go if in the same situation”, the answer to that is to the first Country who offered sanctuary. For many of these immigrants they already had that sanctuary in Turkey, so why not stay there? The answer being they want to seek the easier life in the West (despite some of them despising what we in the West hold dear). The Child who drowned off the coast of Turkey whilst trying to sail over to Greece wouldn’t have died if his Father hadn’t had paid people smugglers to bring him to mainland Europe via Greece. So again in answer to your question and whilst this is only one (albeit prominent example) why not stay in Turkey in one of the UN protected and supported camps?

      The above is only a very short list of things that come to mind, there are of course MANY MANY MORE, not forgetting the numerous failed attempts, the filth that were raised in this Country only to betray it by fleeing to Syria to seek the destruction of you and I also come to mind.

      You say “Remember they are fleeing from their own corrupt governments, under threat of death”. All well and good but we cannot have an open door policy that people like you who hold these views seemingly want (out of interest how many refugees have you taken into your home? Or should that responsibility fall elsewhere, if so where exactly?…..people like you have all the questions but absolutely zero viable solutions). Just look at the damage just ONE immigrant with ill intentions can cause. How can you honestly say that the vetting processes that are supposed to be in place can protect us? There is only one way to protect us and that is to close the borders to all bar those who have something to offer this Country and can prove that (i.e. confirmed employment), other than fear and terror. Not forgetting the fact that many of these immigrants will end up being a drain on the benefits system and the health service. Regrettably we can do little about the scum that have been (and continue to be) radicalised by filth such as Anjem Choudhary or the many other Iman’s who are conspicuous by their absence when these attacks are carried out by those who have worshipped under their teachings at their Mosque. Sorry, but enough is enough. Perhaps your views would change if you or one of your loved ones had suffered at the hands of these barbarians.

      The above aside, you asked me “do you still think Trump was the man for the Job? That Putin is of a sound mind?”

      That did raise a chuckle I must admit. Why is it that when people like you are losing an argument they have to raise Trump as some sort of get out? I supposed mocking and finger pointing at the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED President of the United States is easier than discussing the real issues I had raised. I will however take your pathetic bait and answer you. Yes, I do feel Trump is the right man for the job, why? Well, let’s see shall we. In response to the attacks in London, Paris, Berlin, Nice and Barcelona, instead of speaking the truth what did our oh so wonderful leaders (Cameron, May, Merkel, Sarkozy, Hollande, Macron, Trudeau, the nameless EU bureaucrats et-al) have to offer? Oh I recall, a peace march through the blood stained streets of various European capitals. Ok, fair enough the first time but I think we’ve seen enough now to say it doesn’t work. It’s time for some real and direct action and hopefully Trump is true to his word and can still manage to push through his immigration bill, in some form at least. He may have lost the initial battle on that (thanks to the Liberal elite in the US and thousands of idealistic students) but mark my words, the next attack on the US, and it’s WHEN not IF, he’ll have the support necessary in an instant to get that bill through and then all those who opposed it up until now will go strangely silent!

      Quite why you’ve raised Putin is a mystery, I can only assume it’s a second line of bait just in case I didn’t bite on the Trump one?

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      1. No that is the truth, bye Anna, if you enjoy inciting bad feeling, hatred, then that makes you no better than them. For whatever reason terrorist kill innocent people it makes them cowardly murderers, and any government, or religious order that condones the atrocities are committing a crime by virtue of association. All our rhetoric is doing is absolutely nothing, except upsetting each other,.


    4. Well I have to laugh to myself but also be annoyed that you continue to Libel me “if you enjoy inciting bad feelings, hatred” how dare you say that repeatedly about me. I really when I met you here over the Internet felt you were a nice person, I am afraid yet again I got that wrong. Only someone with no decorum would accuse me, as I have Sponsored a Child in Rwanda for a year at quite a cost to myself, who has given regularly to Charities based on helping others, who campaigned and signed Petition after Petition to have the Israelis stop Bombing the Palestinian People and Children. I supported and tweeted the group of Pakistani youth who went out on the Streets of their City some years ago when the Blacks were firebombing homes and business and rioting in London and other cities, and these young people were trying to stop the riots at a cost to themselves, I am on record. Tell me what exactly have you done, have you taken in Immigrants that have come here, so many come in and the Country does not know what to do with them so they put them in that Tower Block in London that burnt down, 40 immigrants to a room, why didn’t you give one a home. The “do gooders have all the talk, do nothing and have no answers” just like you.
      As for “upsetting each other”, you are not upsetting me you have annoyed me there is a difference. You have the gall to Libel me with such disgusting statements, yet what you have been saying all along but don’t have the guts to use the exact word, you are calling me a Racist. So be it, if I want my Country Free from Bombings, we had enough for too many years from the IRA, if I see that this Country can no longer afford to let in the numbers they are, at a cost to the existing British People. I want the raping of young white Girls to end, I want the stupidity of Blacks calling Whites Racist for no reason. White people are being driven out of their homes because these immigrants takeover, they don’t mix, how many young people are being radicalised. I want these Terrorists when caught imprisoned for Life and Life and nothing else, they are Traitors. I want an end to it, if that makes me a Racist, so be it. I would not want to live in a Country run by people who think like you, sooner or later you will be in for a shock.
      I have been surprised by your personal venom aimed at me, you really do hide under another cloak don’t you, maybe you are having some problems I have my suspicions.


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