Lucky to live in a Free Country

where we have Democracy

where we can express our views

and others have the right to disagree


When strangers enter our World

and they disagree with our freedoms

they want to force their beliefs on us

when their way of winning

is to plant bombs and murder


Do we who enjoy our Freedom

just stand back and do nothing

do we use whatever means we can

to maintain that Freedom we enjoy


We live in a Democracy

we have the right to fight to maintain it

others may disagree that is their perogative

but don’t accuse those

who want to maintain that freedom

of inciting hatred and violence


Disagree, yes by all means

but maintain the right

to keep our Freedom and Democracy

and fight the evil

that has come amongst us


No one is forced to enter our Country

those that come and want to harm us

have to be dealt with

by the right authorities


We have Democracy

We have Freedom

Whatever it takes

We have to keep them




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