I write not because I have to

I write because I love to write

thoughts, words

run around inside my head


I must find paper

take a pen and write

most times words just flow

but there are times

when I hesitate for words to come


I have bits of paper everywhere

where I jot down words

that enter my head

they are like friends


I don’t have to write

nor am I paid to write

I have always written

whatever thoughts are in my head


Since the 1960s I have been writing

a Loner am I but never lonely

I found once writing

I was never without a friend











Great to hear this again.















8 thoughts on “I WRITE

  1. You know me Anna..I need my solitude and I am loner..but I have found that though I need my solitude and I am a loner, there is a difference when it comes to the loneliness … loneliness I never felt till Jims death. I know and feel he’s with me, but that loneliness can be brutal at times….

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    1. I wish I could say to you poppet I fully understand, I had the Boys when David died yes there were times on my own particularly when I would go Christmas shopping on my own and see couples, I would find myself suddenly crying. For you its totally different, you are on your own I understand it has to be so hard for you so very painful, take my hand I am only across the pond, reach out and take my hand. Cry poppet, shed your tears I can’t say when that pain will ease for you. I grieved for 16 years after his death, too long one could say but that was me, memories everywhere a Son who has his Father’s voice, another Son who is in himself so like his Father. Reminders are always around you poppet, talk to Jim please talk to him out loud it doesn’t matter, Whatever eases you, just remember reach out that hand I’m holding yours – you know I send you all my love and hugs. The pain will always be deep, one day poppet you will be back in your beloved Jim’s arms. Please keep in touch with me. All my love, as ever.

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      1. I feel your love Anna. And believe me, I talk out loud to Jim all day long…no doubt I’m driving him nuts I talk so much!! lol
        Even with the pain, I’m finding I’m turning a corner Anna. The grief will always be with me, but ever so slowly I feel some if it easing…but I’ll take your offered hand…I gain strength from those who care and love me ❤

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    2. You are strong Linda you will get there and although I never met youy Jim I am sure he is smiling when you think you are talking too much. Does not matter how long it takes, you have the courage poppet. Know, as you do, that I am here anytime for you, please always reach out to me.

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    1. Its odd isn’t it Cheryl that you can pose a pen over your paper or your fingers not exactly on the keyboard, then suddenly your find your fingers moving and the words are there in front of you and sometimes you just keep writing. There are those who object to what you may right, but you have keep going because you just love to write. Its my best friend and I shall always be grateful to the one who encouraged me to write to fall in love with writing.

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  2. There’s clarity
    But always an uneasy
    Uncertainty, I had a epidural
    Shot yesterday, I have a herniated disc,as they were putting out,and this is no exaggeration,I said to myself
    That it was in the hands of the gods and I didn’t have any fear
    I’m tired Anna,I am trying so hard to get back on track,I’m going to the neurologist,I developed headaches, it just keeps piling on,I’m unloading I’m sorry
    As Sheldon Always


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