Please when thinking about buying a Dog for yourself or your Family, please do consider rescuing a Dog.  There are so many homes around the World where Dogs are crying out to be rescued, so wherever you live please don’t pay money for a Dog, Rescue a Dog and give the Dog Charity a Donation.


I have had Dogs since 1975 and not once would I have have thought of buying a Dog.  My first Dog was a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback that had been dumped with her 10 Brothers and Sisters in a suitcase, my Baby to be not even six weeks old was at the bottom of the case.  I named her Tara and she was a Nanny for my first Son when he was born, she had such a strong bond with my Sons and I adored Tara, it broke my heart when she had to be put to sleep, she had cancer, she was nearly 14 years old.

My second rescue Dog my late Husband  saw a card in Safeways saying Dog for good home, she was about two years and a Cross Labrador when we adopted her and we were sure she had been hit several times, I called her Tara too, and she was so loyal and loving.  When she died she died aged 12 her heart gave out, we were so terribly upset, as you always are.

We had to have another dog straight away, and when on holiday in Ireland, in Killarney I was asked if I wanted two Border collie cross pups, a brother and sister, I said I would only take one and I knew that I was making the biggest mistake I should have taken the pair.  I took the little girl and cried and cried leaving the little boy behind.  She was called Daisy and we decided to keep the name.  Never before in my life has a little dog been more like a baby for me.  Daisy was super loyal, super loving and the most intelligent beautiful dog anyone could have, age nearly 13 she suffered a heart attack but she fought back she was so determined to live she fought and fought to live and for several months we had her but she died before the Christmas 1999.

This time I did not want to rescue another dog so soon but my Sons in particular my youngest persuaded me.  We went to a local rescue home and they brought out this dog, I was not sure about her, the first greeting I had from her was she ran at me pushed me off the bench I was sitting on, my Son killing himself laughing, and this dog was licking my face.  “No” I said but my Son said “were’ having her” and needless to say within two days after our home was checked out  Willow who we renamed Daisy was taking over the house.  It is obvious she had before the rescue home, been beaten.  Daisy is very soft but has a LOUD bark, she is a cross Lurcher/Alsatian, loving silly loyal and a collector of every soft toy that Waitrose/Ocado/Sainsbury/Tesco and pets shops online have  to offer.  She has her own beds including my Sons, mine is too high to climb.  She is a great little dog (not so little) her hobby is sleeping.

Rescue Dogs have so much to offer, what we give them they give us back a million times.  So please when you want a Dog, please do Rescue the choice is so wide and the love is forthcoming.  The Dog below looks like my Lurcher Cross but is not.











Fontella Bass  “Rescue Me” good 1960s song.


2 thoughts on “RESCUE A DOG

  1. I rescued a dog 10 months ago and she is the best friend I’ve ever had. She hasn’t been treated well but seeing her grow and gaining trust warms my heart. She will now be my little daughters best friend growing up. I see them already interacting even though my little one is just a few months old. Adopt-don’t shop!

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    1. Rescue Dogs just give so much love, I am so pleased that you have become such good friends. Congratulations on your little Baby Daughter, and yes in time she will become so close to your dog and the dog will take care of your little one. Lovely story and thank you for taking the time to contact me, I would love to hear from you in future and how things have progressed with your Dog. Take care, and enjoy your Baby.

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