Go and leave me my memories

walk away and don’t look back

what we had I knew wouldn’t last

was it really just sex

and nothing else


I can’t believe

you didn’t love me

was I such a fool

that I never saw it

no, no, I know you loved me


Walk away

please don’t turn round

I cannot bear the thought

that I was such a bloody fool


I loved your body

as I loved your mind

don’t respond

I don’t want to hear your answer


From now on

no love just sex

take from a man’s body what I want

as you took from mine


Shut the door

don’t ring

no emails

shut the door

make it “goodbye’









Love this collection  –   the best sounds.








    1. I hope you can hear me laughing, even at my age and don’t ask I think you know, I would so enjoy that (but don’t tell my Sons). I’ll bring you out Tea and cake, watch where the crumbs go, and you can enjoy the sun. I’ll have to keep the neighbours away!! I just adore you my dear Rob.

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