Its warm even though bedroom window is open, sleepily I open my eyes and see the lace curtains sway back and forth with the breezes.  I feel excited, I feel good and close my eyes, my breasts feel lifted, your mouth can it be on my nipples I feel.

I won’t open my eyes, I want to feel your hands slide up and down on my body, and have your warm tongue travel where you want it to go.  I feel my body rising your hands under me pulling me down nearer to you, is this real am I dreaming, are you there.

My legs are yours to do as you want, you hold my legs apart your tongue wetting my thighs, your tongue inside me searching, searching  it feels good, softly travelling around, now it feels warmer and warmer like you are travelling through the woods, feeling the moss feeling all I have to offer, my stomach rises and bubbles the excitement is getting higher and higher. Is that me calling out, squealing, “ssh ssh” I hear you whisper, is this a dream if I open my eyes, no no I won’t open my eyes, I don’t want to spoil it all.  I feel warmer and ready to have you, I want you.  This is a good dream, is it.

My hand reaches out to you, you feel good you feel mine.  Slowly it feels so good, harder and more and more I rise and I feel you in me in and in and in, your mouth on mine your tongue finding mine, my nipples feel firmer and to have you taste them your tongue circles my nipples and sucks them, oh more and more.

You sigh and fall next to me your hand gently touching my hair, I run my hand down between my legs no dream it was real.  “Good morning darling” I whisper in your ear with a kiss, I look at you, you’re smiling and place your hand between my legs, and  your fingers tickle me,  “you tasted so nice, good morning to you” you said as I raise myself up and straddle myself over you.

“Now its your dream, close your eyes will you” I ask “I want to see and feel every part of this” you say feeling my breasts as I feel you, so nice you put your hand on my neck and pull me down to you, your mouth on mine lips so soft.

I feel the breeze and look to the window, the lace curtains are still swaying, I quickly close my eyes again.   There is a scent in the room I can smell you,  you always smell so good, I don’t want to open my eyes.  Your hands stroke my neck and your fingers run down my skin until you reach my breasts, lower I go to you and kiss you and feel you.  Still the breezes enter the room and slowly it seems the scent of you is leaving me.  I stroke your face but it does not feel like your face, I slowly open my eyes the soft white pillow looks back at me the sheets all crumbled.  I look around the room, and fall back onto the pillows and sob, I know it wasn’t a dream I know you were here with me.  I smelt you, felt you, had you in me, it was real it was.  The breezes have stopped and the lace curtains are still.









Frank Sinatra, who else and “Summer Winds”.    –      (Thanks to “Sinatra Fan”)









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