Yesterday morning having a coffee I was just aimlessly looking at the tv, for me its just noise if its not the TV its my music on, I just have to have sound around me.  What was on the TV the usual rubbish I thought, until I glanced up and saw one of my favourite British films.

It happened to star amongst others the great Peter Sellers, before he went to Hollywood.  I just think that Peter Sellers was so much better in the films he made here before he became famous in Hollywood  for his films amongst so much more.

The film that was on was called “I’m Alright Jack”, a term that I heard so many times in the 1950s and 60s when I was growing up.  You may or may not know that its a very selfish term, really meaning “I don’t care about anyone else except myself”.

The film is about a well to do well brought up young man who goes to work in a Factory, he has really been duped by his Uncle, the aim is for him to cause trouble with the Trade Union members that work in the Factory, and trouble he does.

Its aimed at Britain I guess and the Trade Unions that really had too much control, I believe that workers should be protected by a Union, but the Trade Unions in Great Britain at that time went too far.

Particularly one Trade Union it was believed, the Miners Union and one particular Trade Unionist by the name of Arthur Scargill he brought the Miners out, unofficial and official Strikes it seemed to me growing up so many times.  Arthur Scargill confronted the Prime Minister of the time Ted Heath, or maybe Scargill saw it the other way round.  Nevertheless the two men were locked in battle, Arthur Scargill would not give in he demanded what the Union wanted and Ted Heath refused, they tried to compromise but nothing really worked, Beer and Sandwiches in the “Cabinet Room” with the Prime Minister and his people and Arthur Scargill and his people well nothing happened.  Strikes oh yes.  As a result Ted Heath’s Government fell some time later and one Tory MP vowed to herself she would get revenge.  The woman’s name Mrs Margaret Thatcher, she herself stabbed  Ted Heath in the back for the Leadership of the Party.

The rest as they say is History, Margaret Thatcher was Elected Prime Minister and she never forgot what the Miners did or in particular what this “little man” as she was known to call him, what he did Arthur Scargill she would see him finished.

Its still a very sore point here in England, especially in the Mining Towns where Families fought each other, those for Scargill and the strikes where the men were not earning or those not, they say to this day in some areas there are Families that still do not talk to each other.

Great Britain and the Unions, how well I remember as a Child hearing my Parents argue because my Father would come home from work, he worked for the Fords Motor Company in Dagenham in Essex, he would travel from our home in Ilford to Dagenham every night, as he worked the night shift all the time I was a Child, coming home 7am the next morning.

The Union at Fords was very militant, far left or rather extreme far left of the Labour Party, arrgh memories.  The present Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn is trying to keep down the lefty pinkos in his party, especially his comrade and personal close friend John MacDonell.

What has this got to do with the Peter Sellers film “I’m alright Jack”, well Peter Sellers plays a Union Leader in love with all things Russian, his name is Fred Kite and he calls the Factory where he works out on strikes, he disagrees on nearly everything, you have to watch the film for yourselves, its so good and I found myself laughing all the time.

What the film really did was bring back memories of those days when Daddy would go off to Fords he didn’t have to work some Sunday nights, oh yes he did work some Sundays, but it ended up my Father going to work on Sunday nights when he did not need to, my mother would argue with him and Daddy would say the same thing “I can’t let the boys down” – the boys who worked under my Father.  As a child I used to beg him not to go out but he still did, this loyalty to “the boys”.

Fords would have official and unofficial strikes, and you dare not break the unofficial strikes  for fear of being a “scab”ridiculous it all seems.  When my Father after a long long service with Fords Motor Company needed the Union they did not want to know, and Daddy would tell me “don’t ever pay any dues to a Union, don’t join”.  When he reached his 25 years of Service with Fords Motor Company he received a Gold Watch,  and money to buy my Mother a Gold watch, instead Daddy insisted that he buy his two Daughter’s  watches, my parents had to go to Garrards Jewellers (who in 1998 joined with Aspreys), where he chose two beautiful Gold Watches for the two of us.  I still have mine, I don’t wear it but it was from Daddy – as for my sister she has no doubt sold that too.  My Mother had on my Father’s Death, when her first Grandchild my first Son was small she would show him the watch and say “this is yours Jonathan when Nana dies” this is what she always said over the years to him, on my mother’s death, my so called sister sold the watch the  b…h.

The Unions had a hold on the UK.  When I started work I would have to travel to Chancery Lane in London, near Holborn as I worked for the Prudential.  I would have to travel via British Rail and then onto the Underground  from Liverpool Street to Chancery Lane.  If it was not it seemed British Rail going on Official or unofficial strike it was the underground trains doing this.  It would all make life difficult but that was it.  There were times when the weekly rubbish collection would not be carried out, wasn’t life great!!

So watching Peter Sellers as Union Leader Fred Kite I could not help but think that God forbid Jeremy Corbyn got elected at the next General Election, NO NO NO NO, could take all the trouble that would undoubtedly come from MacDonnel and company.  Tony Blair laughed when it was first suggested that Jeremy Corbyn former extreme Far Left Pinko Backbencher could possibly be the next Leader of the Labour Party, all those moderate or even right wing like Blair, MPs laughed “it will never happen”, well it did and look now.  Those Labour MPs that are not Left of the Party are really frightened as to what would happen to them, would Macdonnell seek his revenge for them never supporting the far left, especially when Macdonnell has called for Revolution take over Parliament.

The thought of Fred Kites and the UK with all the massive problems we already have like all the immigrants/migrants they have left in, the Country can’t cope with them all, financially its far too much.  Apart from anything else, the checks that are done letting in immigrants/migrants are proved to be no good, Terrorists, Murderers and Rapists have been let in and those too soft to admit to the truth can continue to call those of us who are Realists, they can call us “Inciters of Hatred, Racists”, they Libel us with NO Foundations to these claims.

There are people in this Country who bury their heads and ears when told about the Raping of White Girls that goes on up North.  There  are certain Pakistanni men who  kidnap White Girls off the streeets and rape them, gang rape them.  Not too long ago there was a case of a white girl out one evening, trying to get home she could not find a taxi, she got lost and went into a Takeaway to ask for directions, what happened next, well the men working there Pakistani men gang raped the girl, I don’t want to imagine how long this poor girl had to go through this ordeal.  The men were eventually arrested and have been sentenced I believe.  This cannot be allowed to go on, it just can’t and people can’t keep denying the truth.

I really fear if Labour was to get into power, I fear for all the militants that will want payback, Corbyn was elected by their force and they want their payback.  This Country has enough problems at the present time and I don’t deny we need a very strong Leader as Prime Minister, I know who I would like to see, but best kept quiet.  I am from Working Class background, believe it we still have the Class system in this Country nothing will change until the Royals go.  I always voted Labour because that is how I was brought up, but Tony Blair changed all that for me, once he came in and I detest the man Tony “have so much blood on my hands” Blair, he took this Country to a War that should never have happened thanks to him and George Bush we now have ISIS.  Blair also destroyed everything good about this Country, take a look at the UK now its embarrassing.  There is no decorum, people are too obsessed with their five minutes of fame, taking pics of themselves on their phones, its not the Country I once knew, Blair destroyed all that was good about it.

I voted Conservative, and have continued to do so, I am not someone who follows all the Tory ideals but I want what is best for this Country, and another”Fred Kite” is not the answer.  I don’t feel I betrayed the Labour Party, I was a Member of it.  I have not betrayed my Working Class background, I cannot change where I was born or who to.  I am proud my Parents came from Southern Ireland, I am proud of the Irish blood that runs in my veins (well its not too strong at the moment I have Pernicious Anemia, hey ho).  I am very proud to have been born English.   I was supposed to feel guilty according to one of my Aunts and mother that I married a Man who brought me a house, and who was well  off according to her and my mother – so they thought, whereas I knew the truth except for the debts, thats another story.  I am what I am, and despite all I have been Libelled of late I am Realist when it comes to this Country.

I hope you enjoy the following short clip of Peter Sellers as Fred Kite, co starring Ian Carmichael in the clip (who my late Husband happened to look like,  he was 30 years older than me and spoke so eloquently, for someone who was born on The Isle of Dogs, famous for Queen Elizabeth 1st keeping her  racing dogs there, and I was from Irish parents)  – well enough of me until another time.  Take care.









Peter Sellers and Ian Carmichael in the Russian scene from “I’m alright Jack”




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