As we turn

to look at each other

where has the love gone

we could be strangers


Not that long ago it seems

strangers we could never be

we were so in love

we hated being apart


Now we sit here

and just stare each other

remember when you told me

that long hot summer

that you loved me

and I said “I love you too”


We soon found each others arms

just sitting around

drinking coffee

watching you play the guitar


You loved it

when I threw my head back

and laughed at your funny faces

just you I looked at

I saw no one else


I still feel your fingers

running through my hair

you kissing my tears away

when we would argue


Now its goodby

will we ever meet again

I don’t want to let go of you

you hold me tight


One of us has to walk away

goodbye to our love

will we find the path back

maybe one day

I’ll hear you on the guitar again

and run back to you


Now we take

our separate roads

and miles we have to travel

away from each other

I watch the stars at night





Its Monday, let’s have two Carpenters songs, both songs fantastic. ย The Carpenters, unforgettable.





































The Carpenters and Karen’s crystal clear voice., ย  ย  Only Yesterday

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