My sincerest Condolences goes out to all the Families who have lost their loved ones and all those injured in the dreadful shooting that took place last night/early  hours of this morning in Las Vegas.  As those attending a Concert listened to the Country and Western music, they enjoyed all they were hearing and simply having fun, as they should do.  Suddenly a man decides to end all that by firing down into the crowds and causing the biggest Mass Murder of Americans on American soil.  I hope it is not Terrorist based, but who knows.

It is not the time to discuss the politics of Guns, this is a time for all those that have lost their loved ones, all those recovering from an horrific event.  Surely the bravery of the quickness of the Las Vegas Police should be congratulated, had it not been for their quick response, it could have been a lot worse.

I have just listened to President Trump’s speech and I was extremely touched by all he had to say, his words were so moving.

As I watched on tv the replay of the events, the gun fire reminded me of the dreadful events of The Bataclan Club in Paris.  What has gone wrong with our Countries, Our World people arguing never satisfied, violence bloodshed.  Why, why?

My thoughts and Prayers goes out to all those that Died, the injured and to the American People.



    1. Rob, so do I. Unbelievable, such sadness I can’t begin to think what the loved ones of all those that died and are injured are going through. The bravery of all those that helped others and the speedy response of the Police so good. Sad time not only for America but all of us who just want Peace in the World. You take good care of yourself.

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