From my window

I can see

all those Dreams

lined up for me


Which one to choose

will it be what I want

hold back hold back

and don’t touch


Dreams are just that

but sometimes they are more

they keep us alive

they keep us holding on


From my window I can see

all the dreams lined up for me

one day I will choose

the right one



AC/April 28, 2017




So typically Henry Mancini, so sadly missed.  Beautiful music to dream by.  Dreamsville 1959.


15 thoughts on “FROM MY WINDOW

    1. Agreeing with calensariel! Thank you, Anna, for sharing “Two For The Road”, which is my most favourite of all Henry Mancini’s songs. I never get sick of listening to it, and used to play it on my electronic organ.


      1. That version was so beautiful, so moving. The first time I saw the film with the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn I fell in love with the song, wanted to travel that road. My dream is to get to San Francisco, two years ago I was booked and the Dr advised me I was not well enough, broke my heart. Hope to make that “road” to San Francisco one of these days. I would love to hear you playing that on your keyboard. All the best.

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  1. Is that you playing in number two. I love all the versions, but somehow the Guitar seems so much more personal. My eldest Son plays Guitar he has a selection, taught himself. You have cheered me up this afternoon, its a cold becoming overcast afternoon here by the Sea where I live in England. Thank you very much for taking all this trouble, I shall save these and play them again and again. Take care.


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