How did I get here

why did I choose this place

something brought me here

destiny perhaps


I watch people pass the door

as I sit here beer in hand

alone what else were you expecting

pretty girls pass the door

some look in

mostly walk by


Boys first then older men

enter go to the bar

I turn and quickly look

but keep myself to myself


One beer, two, three

I’ve lost count

I tear up the bottle labels

tiny pieces scattered on the table


The rough barman walks to my table

“finished wanna another one” he asks

“no thanks” I said

he huffs and walks away


Time for me to exit

I am on the street

the long and lonely street

but I am used to being alone


Sometimes just a little love would be nice

for an hour or even the whole night through

people pass me but no one looks

all too busily rushing by

loud voices shout out

but none call to me


How did I get here

destiny perhaps

but I’m here

and if I don’t make it work out

I’ll move on


AC/May 20, 2017









Some great music, yet sad times.  Those that fought and Died deserved better, they deserve Respect.

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