Nothing sticks in my throat so much, as Hypocrisy.  Exactly that, such hypocrisy we have all been reading about, since the stories broke about Harvey Weinstein.

Today we have to read about Kate Winslet and all the garbage she has come out with, where were these people when they hid the truth of Weinstein.  Take for example Meryl Streep, she may be a great actress but she is such a bloody hypocrite.  She praised Weinstein openly by calling him “God”, now he is just the opposite.  Please don’t tell us Streep that you knew nothing about the man when you uttered those words, you most certainly did.  Hollywood is a small place and everyone knows what goes on and where and with whom.  Streep took the gifts that Weinstein lavished on her, went to his parties was entertained by him, and now she is shocked, oh shut up streep and the rest of them.

When Roman Polanski raped or was it “had sex with an underaged girl, who by the way agreed to it, or did not, but whose mother may have or not” these are the stories Polanski and co put out just some of the stories.  Jack Nicholson walked into the room and saw what happened, by all accounts he watched and laughed.   Angelica Houston walked into the room, saw the young girl with Polanski, and what he was doing, did she stop it, did she say anything, like hell she did.  It’s ok for Polanski to rape or have sex with an underaged girl, but what Weinstein did is wrong – surely both are wrong.

Emma Thompson rightly condemns Weinstein, but she defends Roman Polanski, she called working with Polanski “a great honour”, really.  So its ok to work with a Director who is not allowed into America because he has Rape charges against him, charges that concern an underaged girl, but she condems Weinstein.  Is there a difference between these two men.  One is now a predator and the other a Director “its an honour to work with”.

Then we have Woody Allen with all the charges he once faced, and all those of his friends that defend him, and turn a blind eye, they find it acceptable as to what he did.

We have one big arsehole, that we here in the UK were delighted to get rid of, he ended up in America, where he was adored and we all choked when we heard how popular this t….r was in America.   Until that is at the weekend, he being James Corden opened his big fat mouth and now gets exactly what he deserves.  Thanks America for taking this piece of s..t from us here in the UK, we hope you will keep him.  He made jokes about his GOOD FRIEND, HARVEY WEINSTEIN, good friend is that how you treat a good friend?  Well Corden made his jokes about Weinstein and the women and what he did and all hell has broken loose.  Corden’s PR will rightly now be in overdrive trying to make him look good again.  Good again, really?  Will America and in particular all these women who knew and endured Weinstein, accept all Corden’s snivelling apologies.  Whatever you do America do not send that piece of s..t Corden back to the UK.

Are women so mealy mouthed these days, the answer is NO.  These women kept quiet, I don’t believe them.  If they thought more about a so called film career and MONEY than protecting their body from filth like Weinstein, I feel very little sympathy for these women.  The majority of women, myself included believe it or not, have been in situations when the man puts you in a difficult situation.  You shout, you kick them where it hurts, you make sure you talk about it.  You just don’t if you have any respect for yourself sell your body to a powerful man for him to do what he wants with the possibility of an acting part for the woman thrown in.

Can anyone please tell me is there any difference between Weinstein and the filthy Jimmy Savile we had here, I refer to him touching up young girls on his show, along with all the other famous people mentioned here.  This is not new news from Hollywood, its always been the same, its just that now we have social media and although its taken years in some cases for some of the women to come forward, the news as they say “is out there”.  What does surprise me, someone as powerful as Angelina Jolie who was thick here with David Cameron’s Government, and other World Leaders, she never said a word??

We have Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, George Clooney and how many others who have befriended Weinstein worked with him, now all of a sudden they are put into a position that they must condemn him.  They socialized with this man took whatever was going now Weinstein publicly is no longer a friend.  Weinstein is not the only one who has done this, will the names and reputations of all the others be revealed?  There were women that had to tolerate what Weinstein did exposing himself, I have sympathy for them.  But, there are those he propositioned and how many of those women took what he offered and now complain.   As for Weinstein, don’t think much of the Wife “when money flies out of the window love goes out of the door”, she took all she could from him, now leaves him.  She knew all about him, everything, as President Harry Truman famously said “the buck stops here”, her first thought was herself not her children.

This is a story that will run for quite sometime, expect more well known names and not so well known to appear in the papers condemning Weinstein and all he did.  Whilst the Press are out for stories why don’t they come up with condemnation for the Wife beaters ie Johnny Depp for one, those that have been addicted to sex Michael Douglas for one, those that take whatever drugs they can and the names are endless.

Weinstein is just a name that wielded his power for his own gratification and those that took every job, every gift going.





  1. Have you ever been in a position where acting or speaking about something that is morally unjustifiable will put you at a disadvantage? Not just a disadvantage, I mean something that could very well affect your well being and quality of life as a whole. Have been in a position where you have to say what you don’t mean, or feel like you are the only one who does not condone something and everyone else does? I have been, I know how that feels like. How powerless and alone you feel, nothing sucks more than being a bystander in a whirlwind of shit. My theory is people knew but they probably thought they were the only ones who felt differently, or percieved the immorality of an action. Some heard but weren’t sure if any of it was true, but even if they knew it was true it was probably difficult to act alone. I think if the silence around the nature of the crime makes it difficult for people to know how many know or are affected and how they feel, if they were aware that many more felt how they felt they would have acted, because there is power in numbers. There is a difficulty in trying to speak out against something that you percieved to be a norm or that you think a large majority don’t see fault with. It is human nature, if we think we are alone or hold view that many people don’t we tend to conform.
    I have recently experienced this in my hometown, I was a bystander in horrific situation, the weird thing is after the consequences of the said incidence I discovered that I wasn’t alone in my condemnation but at that moment I thought I didn’t have the numbers and I feared lynching.
    But I do think there is some truth to what you are saying but I doubt it is so simple.

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    1. I saw a social experiment once which went something like this: people were put in a room where on the screen the color blue was flashed. Everyone saw it. All the participants were told to lie when asked what color was on the screen, to say something like it was red, a few weren’t didn’t know. When the scientist came and asked people what they saw, they said red as instructed. The person/a couple who didn’t know suddenly doubted themselves and conformed to what everybody was saying. Despite knowing it was the wrong answer. This happened more times that not. Many people conformed in more situations than not. It is only when one of them said it was blue they started changing their story, again this was instructed that at a certain point an actor or a few will protest once everyone has lied. This illustrates that part of human psychology, that we are likely to stay silent or pretend if we think the vast majority does not stick with us or agree in a situation. Only people who have assertive traits in their personality usually wouldn’t but it would still be tough to do so. My point is that it would be difficult to call those people hypocrites in that kind of a situation because they essentially pretended for while that something that wasn’t the case is the case. I don’t know why humans do it but they do.
      The experiment mentioned here isn’t exactly as I have described but the concept is the same and the results. Just that I can’t remember what documentary it was on or where I read it. I read a lot o sociology texts and psychology texts, I also watch a lot of documentaries. I wish I knew if the phenomenon has a name so you could Google it or something.

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      1. I agree with you, Sandy Masia, that the urge to conform is often insurmountable. Conformity has been studied through numerous experiments conducted by behavioural scientists. Given your interests in these areas, my most recent post could be of significant relevance to you, as the post cited many terms and examples that encapsulate some of the commonest pitfalls in human perceptions and behaviours, even though many of them routinely evade our attention and conscious control. The post is available at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2017/10/18/the-quotation-fallacy/

        Thank you, Anna, for raising our awareness on many of the social issues mentioned in the post. You have fleshed out the issues very well indeed.


  2. While I sure do agree with the immorality that’s going on, I think everyone assumes that in the US women are considered equal to men. That’s STILL a myth. These woman passed this info along to their sisters, especially Angelina Jolie, but they all knew he had the power to make or break their careers. They also knew women are most generally considered the culprits in rape and harassment cases. I’m guessing they felt their hands were tied. So they kissed these guys keisters and charged ahead. Some didn’t. And true to his word he set out to ruin their careers. Make no mistake. The battle of the sexes here is NOT played on a level field. But now Hollywood has lost its credibility. And every time someone sees a movie they won’t be able to ignore that bad taste that lingers on the back of their tongue… My guess is you’ll see a lot of production companies abandoning Hollywood. The golden days are over.

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    1. I do know that American Women are not equal with Men, Rod McKuen always fought for Women’s Rights and especially that they should be equal with Men, I guess he had these strong feelings because of his Mother. Anyhow, in agreement that Weinstein and others of his ilk could destroy a career. I still maintain that people like Meryl Streep could have spoken up. She just a few years ago referred to Weinstein as “God”, knowing what he was. It is no different here Cherryl, big female names stood alongside that bastard Jimmy Savile praised him everything, knowing that he not only raped women, but men, children, the disabled even had sex in the mortuaries with dead bodies. These people knew all this, and they knew other big names that they defended. Good God you only have to go to the very very top here in a Palace where the rumours for years have been played down that this thing committed Rape of his servant who conveniently committed suicide a few years ago. This so called “Prince” was a very very close friend of Jimmy Savile and not once has condemned what he did. People keep quite some out of fear mostly in Hollywood and showbiz here because their careers are far too important. Weinstein is nothing it went on from the beginning of Hollywood and will continue to carry on. To me its a question of “is the career more important than respect for one’s body one’s self – too many think about the money”. As for Women being equal, I married 1975 well after “swinging London and all that”, I still obeyed David – maybe obeyed is the wrong word, I did all he asked of me perhaps he being 30 years older he expected that – so I wasn’t equal. I would be very interested to hear what you have to say about that creep James Corden, please dont let the US send him back here. Hope you are ok.

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      1. I’m really not familiar with James Cordon. I don’t do the late night shows. Your comment about your and your husband’s age difference gave me a thought. Do you think you were looking for a father/authority figure with David?

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    2. Don’t bother looking at that Corden he is an utter creep, there is a campaign here not to let him back to the UK, I suspect its a joke but perhaps its a good idea. I had no experience of life prior to Marriage. I think Cheryl I was looking for someone I would be safe with, someone who would be kind and someone I really wanted to love me. Got that very wrong didn’t I.

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  3. Would it be OK if I cross-posted th6is article to WriterBeat.com? There is no fee; I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and thought this was insightful. I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. If “OK” please let me know via email.



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