Poppies sway as if in unison

in those fields so far away

where once the blood did flow


The Red poppies a symbol

of Remembrance

soon the month

when we should Remember

all those that fell

all those that lived

but never the same


Yet at that time

when we should pray for Peace

people argue

Red Poppy or White

its not the Poppy so much

its us Remembering

and thanking all those

that go to Wars to give us Freedom


Yet a simple game of football

where players stand to honour their Flag

and their Country

idiots kneel one by one

disrespecting their Flag

disrespecting their Country

like sheep they follow


Men and now Women

on the whole don’t want

to go to War

but they do

they fight, they die

for us to live in Freedom


So please Remember

the simple Poppy

even if you choose not to wear one

just Remember what it symbolises


For us they fight

for us they die

to give Freedom

and all some can do

is forget and disrespect

their Country, their Flag










Just Remember them.

3 thoughts on “THE RED POPPIES SWAY

  1. I know people take it wrong what the athletes are doing by kneeling. But remember, they kneel in humility, not disrespect. They know those wars were fought to give them their voice. Disrespect of the flag would be to fly it upside down. No matter what country you’re from, that symbolizes that your country is in trouble. Yet they haven’t done that. We have a neo-nazi that lives around the corner from us. His flag, which is in clear view in his yard, is ALWAYS flown upside down. But no one says he doesn’t have the right to do THAT.

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    1. Chery, I am sorry I cannot agree with you, to me and to so many others what these men do by kneeling is nothing but utter disrespect. Too many men and now women have died in Wars and still do, is it too much to ask for some respect. Decency seems to have gone out of the window. My Son told me the other night at the Baseball, he said he’s never heard this before, the events man came out onto the pitch and asked “Please Stand for the Anthem”, my Son said they have never had to say “Please stand” before now, but he tells me the people that go to the Baseball are completely different from those that attend the football, the players he said always stand. Its nothing but a game to annoy this kneeling and sheep always follow each other. As for the Nazi flying his flag around your corner, you cannot fly The Cross of St George Flag for England here, if you do you are called a Racist and worse.

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      1. A racist and worse, and yet this man is allowed to do so to OUR flag because wars were fought to give him that freedom. But you’re right, Anna. It is a game — called smoke screen — and Trump is the one that turned it into that.

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