I am getting increasingly annoyed as every day goes by with the hypocrisy I not only see in people but have to watch on tv and listen to on the Radio, I would also add that there are blogs that do not tell the truth they see it as they want to, and gloss over the truth.

I am not like that and anyone who does read my blogs will see and hopefully believe that what they read is the complete truth.  I have over the recent years had to come to terms with the majority of my life has been one big lie.  So the truth has always been so important to me, I don’t lie one has to have a good memory to be a liar, and I can’t see the point in telling lies having endured so many.  So for me the truth is all that I know.  I can’t tell you how over the years I have found myself in trouble for telling the truth, it seems people prefer lies.

When I look around today, when I listen to people especially in this Country, my Country the UK, it seems that there are people who are too scared too worried to speak the truth to say what they really want to for fear of getting into trouble, for being accused of offending others.  These damn “do gooders” and their political correctness have ruined this Country.  People find themselves only saying what they really feel in their own homes.  “Racist, Racists” are the chants that you seem to hear or read about, I have been called a racist – ok let them think what they want I know the truth I tell the truth and I am not scared to speak my mind.

What you will read shortly is the uttermost truth, but a horrifying truth.  Many years ago I heard on BBC World Service that in South Africa White Farmers and their Families were being murdered, not just murdered but tortured, butchered in the most horrific way.  Not just in South Africa but also Rhodesia (to you Zimbabwe) only today October 29 a White Farmer was butchered.  That complete dangerous nutter Robert Mugabe has stated over and over that NO Black Men shall be charged with any White Murders of Farmers.  I still call it Rhodesia and always will.  This Country, the UK finally after the famous Lancaster House Agreement,  made the then  Lord Soames, Son of Winston Churchill, and a fool Soames was, Governor General of Rhodesia until its handover.  The Ceremony of that event was also attended by another idiot Prince Charles, God help us all.  Like the handover over of Hong Kong to China this Country should hang its head in shame.

Tomorrow, Monday will be Black Monday.  AfriForum and AgriSA have joined the call for all South Africans to wear black to commemorate the lives of those killed/murdered in Farm Attacks.  I think all those white Farmers and their Families in Rhodesia should be remembered as well.

I am sickened by this stupid “Black Lives Matter” crap that has originated in America, sorry if that offends but that is how I feel, it is in this Country now and is so pathetic.  Black Lives are important, of course they are, all black lives not just those that think they are the most important.  Ask those Blacks that murder the Police, Black Policeman are not those Black Police Officers lives not important, they will say NO and why because to them they are the “Cops”.  They see no reason why Cops should not be shot at.

If Black lives matter, then White lives matter and those blacks in SA/Rhodesia that go and murder White Farmers and their families are not being dealt with.  I am not saying all Blacks in SA have murdered white farmers, to the contrary there are many many blacks who have protested at these deaths.

We are not simply talking about “murder” we are talking about the hours and hours of torturing that goes on, not just men but women and children.  Husbands, Fathers forced to watch as their Wives, Mothers, Sisters, children are GANG RAPED, and the women tortured in the most sickening barbaric way that no decent human being could think would be possible.

I had no idea to the extent these Farmers and their Families were being tortured, until my youngest Son showed me.  I did not want to look, but I made myself look.  I stood there unable to speak as picture after picture unfolded for me.  Tears were pouring down my face as I sobbed uncontrollably at what I was seeing.  I shall never ever forget the torture the barbaric savagery, not even animals behave in such a way, but these savage Blacks that did this the most inhumane atrocities carried out on women young girls.  The young lad who had obviously just returned from Church with his Family, he was still in his Sunday best clothes, how these bastards hung this young lad after they had beaten him, they hung him slowly.  Most of all what I shall see in my eyes for the rest of my life when I think of South Africa is not the beautiful Country it was but this Baby this young Baby beaten, tortured and burned to death – a baby what man or men could do such a thing.   For all we know there could be Black women involved.   Hell for this is not good enough for them.

Nothing is said about the atrocities on the newspaper headlines or tv, but we here continually this crap “Black lives matter”, well what a pity they did not chant this all the time that Obama was in power, because he did damn all for the poor and in fact its the poor blacks that voted for Donald Trump.

I diverse, this is about South Africa and Jacob Zuma who runs the Country (from 2009 to present) he endorses these murders, these barbaric atrocities and no Politicians in this Country or elsewhere it seems say anything.  What about the United Nations, have they spoken up have they called for the murders these barbaric savage atrocities to end?  I am damn sure if the White Farmers in this Country and their Families were being butchered tortured by certain black individuals there would be questions asked, the Police the Army you name it would go in – the murders would stop.  But this is South Africa, and it seems to hell with the Whites there.

Well whether it offends sensitive natures or not, White Lives Matter, they most certainly do.  All lives should matter despite the colour or faith.  This is now a very very sick World.  Angela Merkel from Germany was quick enough calling for all the immigrants and migrants to flood into Europe and cause havoc.  The so called famous people like Kate Winslet, George Clooney, Matt Damon, politicians like our very own Jeremy Corbyn Labour Leader asking for Families to be made welcome “in your home” what about his home has he any, such a joke.   All these people who told us what to do, they were quick enough telling everyone “open your houses up take in a family”, did they heed their own words, fuck off they did.  Where are these people now why aren’t they asking questions about the barbaric atrocities going on in South Africa.  Will they wear Black tomorrow, will they even know and even if they did would they care, like hell they would.  Clooney with the wife a Human Rights Lawyer, why does she not help those White Farmers and their Families.

The other day two white farmers were jailed for 30/40 years for putting a black man in a coffin, “Serves them right, not enough years” people said.  Well did they bother to really find out the truth and why was it not recognised in Court, no all too nervous too worried to be seen not doing the right thing letting a black man off and sticking inside prison two white Farmers who had caught this thing who was with others who was there to butcher the farmers and their Families.  What would you have done, had you caught him?

I don’t want to hear about Slavery of the Black man, what do you think goes on in Saudi Arabia with the wealthy and their staff, their staff they use as serfs their staff they torture and murder, and no one says anything.  Former Nobel Peace Prize Winner Aung San Suu Kyi stands by as ethnically motivated violence and mass atrocities tear apart her Country, Burma.  Myanmar’s ethnic Rohingya Muslim population are fleeing to Bangladesh away from these awful atrocities, whilst all the time Aung San Suu Kyi keeps her mouth shut, to her the Muslim deaths mean nothing   Utter hypocrisy we have in this World.

Do Not all these lives matter, yes of course they do.  What has gone on in the middle east is atrocious and we hear about it see it constantly its never out of the news.  We have all become far too soft to scared to speak our minds, I may have offended I am sure I have some of you, but the truth is not always nice the truth can be horrendous at times and the truth under Jacob Zuma in South Africa and the White Farmers and their Families has to be seen to be believed and below you will see the truth.  Its not intended to offend, this is whats going on and time we all woke up, and in our selfish ways can we not just spare some time to remember tomorrow in South Africa and what it stands for.



Please do try and look at the following, despite the pictures being so horrific so hard to believe any human could do such things to other human beings, these are savages that are carrying out these atrocities, and if you are a believer in God than you will know as I do that these savages will  have their day and God or whatever they believe in, they will be judged.  We have to look and see what’s going on in South Africa and the White Farming Community not forgetting Rhodesia, for God’s sake we MUST SPEAK UP WE MUST STOP ALL THIS.





  1. Anna, everyone has an opinion based on their life and where they’re coming from. There are bits and pieces of truths and myths in every opinion because no one sees the same thing. Especially when it comes to politics. Your “truth” is no more accurate than someone’s you don’t agree with. That’s the reality of life. And if you believe for one minute that our soldiers and yours were not guilty of atrocities during war time, that is a naive thought. They are soldiers and are trained to see combatants as problems to be removed. In many ways the military service turns them into killers.

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    1. Sheryl, have you seriously read what I wrote. This is NOT a War, there are no Soldiers just Blacks who want the White Farmers off their land, they are encouraged by Zuma knowing they will never be prosecuted. Zuma himself has been accused multiple times of raping women, but like many in power their buy their innocence. Please take a look at what is going on out in South Africa, I am personally appalled that you turned this into a War story this is a story of one set of people those being Black torturing and mutilating White Farmers and their Families. These scum have also in the most appalling way butchered some Black people who worked on the White Farms. I shall continue to shed my tears for those innocent not in a War but trying to live their lives as best they can only to butchered by some that worked for them.

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