Autumn colours

from a Churchyard

Autumn sunshine

glowing upon us


Two planes high up

coming from somewhere exciting

or maybe going to a beautiful City

who knows, but one can dream


Fallen scattered leaves

amongst them are the jewels

the reds and yellows

call out to me


Prayers for Peace

said to Cruicifix

that hangs up high

upon the outside Church wall


Oblivious to passers by

I say my prayers

and hope they are heard

whilst leaves blow to my feet


How beautiful

the Trees all look

standing one by one

and looking like

those Crosses

that stood near Jesus

as he was nailed and hung

and died for all of us


I walk and stop

and admire all the colours

on this sunny day

my mind full of “whats and ifs”


No matter how I felt

the fallen leaves

in all their Autumn glory

and the Trees that stand

so proudly side by side

I smile and thank God

that I am alive








George Winston  –  Autumn   (Thanks to John W)


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