Lonely shadow I can see

as you walk towards me

I’ll hold you tight and you hold me

making love throughout the night


As you lay there arms around me

my head rests on your strong chest

please don’t let go

I’m safe here alone with you


Your mouth on mine

your hands feel warm

holding my breasts

my body is yours


But when we are one

must it end

how I miss you

when you are gone


I lay there as your lips touch mine

sweet gentle kisses

that fall on willing lips

“go to sleep my darling”

you whisper softly in my ear


I turn to see your shadow

gentle steps as you walk away

so close yet I cannot reach you

you turn and smile

and I know you will return


Shadow here and shadow there

you never leave me

you wait for me

soon my darling I will come








Me, Natalie    –    Henry Mancini.  Rod McKuen wrote the lyrics and also sang this with Henry Mancini.  (No apologies for being romantic, nice to be a woman and like male attention!!)







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