Rose McGowan, in the last weeks this woman has become according to herself no doubt and others, the saviour of all women.  The “Protector” against all those men out there who touch your leg, your knee, your arm, your shoulder – ridiculous yes this is how it has become.

I am not playing down those genuine cases of Rape, sexual assault they are horrendous and those that commit them should be named, shamed and prosecuted.  Yet in Hollywood its a case of going into Rehab making sure the bucks keep flowing.

Enough women at some time or another have found themselves having a man taking liberties, but for heavens sake a man puts his hand on your knee – now its sexual assault.  Does that mean if I touch a man’s knee I will be charged with sexual assault – tit for tat.

The above named woman has become a complete bore and a pain in the arse.  Talking about arses, this woman is an utter hypocrite.  She has no problem in practically being naked on the Red carpet for some more damn awards ceremony where those who adore the limelight can show off.

Below you will see pictures of McGowan, this is not a woman who does not want to be touched by men.  Please don’t give me the crap “women can wear what they want”, wear what you want but when you parade yourself virtually naked don’t start bloody complaining that someone, that some man paid too much attention to you.  No women goes out dressed or undressed as per McGowans choice just to please herself, she does it to be noticed and to be noticed particularly by men.  Unless of course you are gay then you please yourself.

Its all becoming too much now, naming this one as a predator and that one, nothing to do with going to the press and making money, of course not.    Give us a break.  All these so called “Stars”, Stars wrong name for them.  Once there were real “Stars” back in the 1940s/50s/60s/70s then they had decorum, now its “look I’ve got the biggest boobs or arse” all be it, its all silicone and filthy chemicals, they get what they deserve.  Faces lifted, fillers pumped in, the same with the bodies and do these people look nice, no they look damn ridiculous.  Why, all for attention.  There is nothing normal or real about these people – they are spiteful bitchy you name it.

Where was Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie and the rest re all these predators they knew all about them, yet did they say anything.  No they took the jobs, the money, the parties the gifts, so shut up now.

The next revelations, can we look forward to Tom Cruise, George Clooney just to name two.  Where will it all end, they will probably start slandering all the dead Hollywood people.  As for McGowan you may fool those mugs around you who want and demand as much attention as she does, but you do not fool the majority of the normal public.  She is a two faced hypocrite and a damn bore so shut up.

Well, well, I have just read that McGowan has been issued with an Arrest Warrant for the possession of drugs.  Has “the mighty fallen”?  Or will it be a case of she has been “set up” because of Weinstein.



Enjoy, or not, the following pictures of a rather camera shy McGowan.  This looks like a woman who does not want the attention of men.  “Me thinks she doth protest too much”.




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