Blood and guts are spilled

yet we turn our heads

oblivious to the truth


Too concerned with whats on tv

the usual mind destroying rubbish

that too many prefer to watch


The truth and nothing but the truth

the horrors of this world

we turn away

we don’t like the truth


We make excuses


no I don’t think so

we take sides


What have we come to

its them and us

or us and them

we can’t live together

people, people taking sides

wake up and see the truth

not my truth


Not my version of the truth

or your version

but the truth

I’ll go and bury my head

I might as well

for who wants to know the truth











The Master, Ennio Morricone  –  “Cinema Paradiso”



One thought on “TRUTH

  1. For me it depends whose version of the truth. It’s all lies and propaganda. Picking your way through it is a nightmare. The truth? Who knows the truth. We swallow what we are fed.


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