Hai Chan, Thai Van and Thai Giang are three beautiful Asiatic Black Bears that were held in captivity and tortured and used no doubt for some Tourist Attraction  –  shame on those Tourists who paid money to watch these quiet, gorgeous innocent Bears being tortured for their entertainment.

Now at last these three Bears have been FREED.  Freed by the charity FOUR PAWS, who work tirelessly to free all animals held in captivity and tortured.  Their work must be dangerous yet they work so hard until at last they have Freed an Animal, now they have Freed Three Bears and I could not be more delighted.

For as long as I can remember I have loved Bears and I also collect them, thanks to my Sons who have bought them all for me.  The other day my eldest Son came home with a Paddington Bear for me, my third Paddington.  As much as I love my Bears I cannot stand to think of real Bears being held in captivity, any animal come to that.  Bears somehow seem to be the worst treated, just look into the eyes of those Bears you see on the tv when FOUR PAWS are asking for donations.  The sadness in the eyes of these innocent darlings, the tears oh yes they cry.  They have feelings, some people are shocked at that but Bears have feelings they feel the dreadful pains that are caused to them.

The Bears are so beautiful, so innocent they must all be Freed.  Hai Chan had her front paws amputated to enable her captors to take Bear Paw Wine   –   I feel sick just at the thought, and the anger inside me what I would like to do to those that have tortured these innocent darlings.

Now at last FOUR PAWS have Freed Hai Chan, Thai Van and Thai Giang to a Bear Sanctuary in Ninh Binh, Vietnam where they will have all the help necessary but most of all the FREEDOM that they have longed for, now they are FREE.

If you care about these Bears and Bears like them and all Animals captured and tortured,  and used for tourist entertainment, would you be kind enough to consider donating to FOUR PAWS to enable them to continue their good work.   Join me and donate, I can’t tell you how overjoyed I was this morning to see these three beautiful innocent Black Bears FREED.   Thank you.












FOUR PAWS    –      PLEASE HELP FREE BEARS, if this upsets you as much as me, please donate today.















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