She sat there alone and yet not alone for there by her side laid their love.  The darkness of the little room lit only by a Candle was proof if she needed it, of their love, their own little home.  By her side, laid in its cot, was the utmost proof of their love, their baby Son.

It was nearly Christmas 1918, their Son was born just over a month previously, how she looked forward to his Father, her love her life coming home to her.  As she sat looking out of the window of their small home, the baby’s warm sound of breathing made her smile and looking at her Son she remembered the first time she saw Billy Morfitt.

Annie, her real name Annabelle but her parents called her Annie for short, moved with her parents Thomas and Wilma Acocks to the small Village just 10 miles from Woodstock, Oxfordshire.  Annie was born 1896 and was five years of age when her parents decided to move to Oxfordshire.  Her Father soon found employment at the Village Farriers and they found a little Cottage to rent monthly within the Village.   Thomas Acocks was a fine built man broad shoulders tall with a shock of unruly blond hair, Annie had inherited his hair.  Her Mother Wilma was shorter than her husband but a well proportioned woman who loved her husband and daughter and just lived for them.  Soon summer was over and the Village Children had to return to School, for young Annie this was her first school and she was a shy girl who liked to play with the animals and go running in the fields, Wilma held Annie’s hand tightly as she took her to school and tried to reassure her daughter all would be well and that she would be there ready to take her home after school.

Annie cried and soon this young boy came over to Annie and her mother putting his hand out for Annie “come” he said “I’ll help you”, Annie held out her hand to Billy Morfitt, Son of the Village Baker and together they walked into the Class, from that day to this they were together.   Together, if not in the flesh than in the heart.

Annie looked down to her baby and gently stroked his little cheek “you my Son are Willam Morfitt the Fourth, how proud your Daddy will be” she said.  Their little home was just in the acre near the Bakers that Billy’s Father owned and worked alongside his Mother.  William Morfitt the Second was a short round man with a long moustache and always a big smile on his face, his Wife Aggie was a big bosomed Lady whose arms were always welcoming and her bosom so soft when you fell and cut your knee Aggie was always there with her great big smile on her face.  They worked hard up first thing in the morning, William making the bread as Aggie made the Cakes.  Soon when the Bakers would open they would sell out of their Bread and Cakes, but first the Order for the Big House, owned by Lord Pitchingdale, had to be fulfilled and delivered, and one of the boys from the village would pack the basket on his bike and cycle up to the Big House with the order of Bread and Cakes.  Once a month the bill was settled with William Morfitt.

Annie was loved by William Morfitt and his Wife and as for their Baby Grandson they just adored him, like Annie Father and Mother were longing for their Son to come home to them, the War The Great War, The War to End All Wars, whatever name they put to this slaughter William Morfitt would say “its time our Son came home Aggie”.  Aggie couldn’t help but feel scared in her heart and she tried desperately not to let William or Annie see it, but Annie did see it for in her heart she had the same feelings the same pain.

As Annie and William grew their childhood bondship became something else, Annie knew there could never be anyone else for her likewise Billy felt the same for her.  As soon as Spring would arrive, the lovers would find every spare moment they had to be together.  Laying in the fields looking up to the sky, stealing kisses from each other, but wanting more.  Annie did not know what to expect at such a time but she knew she could trust Billy, as for Billy he was like Annie had no experience but knew what to do, his Father had made sure he told Billy the facts of life.

Both parents were taken with their Son’s and Daughter’s choice, why wouldn’t they be, the children had been together since age five.  Billy worked for his father in the bakery and Annie helped her mother around the house.  When Billy had come home on leave in the Spring of 1917 for a few days, as he and Annie laid in the fields looking to the blue sky, Billy proposes to Annie.  She jumped up “Billy Morfitt are you asking me to marry you, not on one knee but on your back”, Billy pulled Annie down to him laughing “yes I am, will you marry me Annie, please say yes”.  “Yes Billy of course I will” said a delighted Annie.  William John Morfitt III  Married Annabelle Helen Acocks on 8 January 1918 in the small Village Church of St Peter and Paul, there was a small gathering to watch the young couple exchange their vows and later a small Tea in the village Hall.  Billy was only home for five days and Annie dreaded the day he would have to return to duty.

The families had got together and three of the little outhouses in the acres at the back of the bakery were made into a little home for the couple.  Walls had been knocked through and the families had supplied some of their furniture to make it a home, their mothers made curtains and purchased some rugs from a travelling salesman, as for the double bed that was a gift from both sets of parents.  All concerned had worked every spare moment they could, when not baking or selling bread William and Aggie and Thomas when not shoeing the horses and Wilma were as equally busy.  Annie had helped out for her home and was delighted and excited with it all but to Billy when he saw their little home he was so taken with joy he could not hold back the tears.

It was to here that Annie and Billy came on their wedding night.  Both were innocent when it came to the act of lovemaking but Billy did know what to do, like Annie he was a virgin.  Together they would explore each others bodies, discovering the pure joy and pleasure that their love would bring them.  That night when all was quiet and they went upstairs Billy turned to Annie and said “would you like me to leave you alone, there is a screen there for you”, “no please Billy stay I’ll wash before I put my bed nightdress on, could you help me undo my wedding dress” she asked of him.  Billy approached her nervously as he went to undo the buttons at the top of her dress at the back she laughed “your hands are cold and you are shaking” she said to him, “I’m sorry shall I warm them” Billy asked.  “No no I trust you Billy I am not shy with you, I know this is right” she said, suddenly Billy calmed down he was reassured, he kissed his young Bride on her neck and undone all the buttons, she did not go behind the screen she let her dress fall and then taking his hands had him help her remove all of her clothes, until she stood there naked in front of him. He took the clips out of her hair and her long blond hair fell around her shoulders natural curls tumbling down her back and curling onto her young firm breasts.  Annie took his right hand and gently blew on it, Billy smiled, then she placed it on her right breast, her nipples were erect waiting for him.  Billy loved the feel of her breasts and gently kissed them  finding the taste of her nipples were so good.

Annie started to undo her husbands clothes and together he undressed until he too stood there naked in front of his Bride, she had never seen a naked man before, she ran her hands over her husband’s young but firm chest around his waist and stopped.  No words were necessary Billy took Annie’s right hand and had her hold his penis and let her fingers feel his balls, Billy slipped his hand between Annie’s thighs, slowly feeling her the soft hair, his fingers slipping inside her, warm and welcoming.  Billy lifted his Bride and placed her on their wedding bed,  they laid side by side, exploring each others bodies.  Their tongues going to places they had never thought about, well only in their most private moments.   Soon Billy raised his young wife’s legs, higher and higher and slowly and tenderly his penis was entering her, she started to cry as Billy moved deeper and faster  “am I hurting you Annie”, “no darling no” she said “then why are you crying” he asked, “I am so happy oh oh ” she went sighing with pleasure everytime Billy pushed and pushed.  She was experiencing such joy, and never took her eyes from him, she felt something happen something strange.  They laid together after, Billy kissing Annie and asking “are you alright, are you sure”, “of course I am it was wonderful  I have never felt such excitement such desire, I love you Billy Morfitt, and I want you more and more, am I shameless” she asked her husband, “Annie you could never be shameful not in a million years, and I desire you, I am so hungry for you, lets enjoy each other” he said.

Billy held her breasts his tongue running around each nipple, it excited Annie, when it was her turn she would run her hands and her tongue all over her husband’s chest, she too licking his breasts, her hands running down his stomach to his thighs and squeezing his penis “ouch not too tight” he laughed, “sorry darling I better make it better, her hair over his stomach she slid down the bed until she reached Billy and her tongue stroking his penis softly going around the tip “oh Annie its so good” said Billy, “then I better not leave these out” she said as her tongue gently run over his balls, “are you shocked at me Billy” she asked again, “Annie I never thought it could be as perfect as this, come here ” he said as he pulled her up to him, “now Mrs Morfitt its my turn” his hand slipping inside her “you are so soft so welcoming”, as he removed his hand he slipped down the bed and his tongue curling around her fine pubic hair, then his tip of his tongue searching through the “fields” for the special joy, softly licking her feeling her silky smooth, bringing her great joy as she laid there turning her head from side to side then looking at him sighing, Billy was bringing Annie such great joy, great excitement she sighed again and again,  “oh Billy don’t stop” she squealed, as Billy obliged.  The young couple tossed and turned, the bedding draping on the floor, they had never thought it could be as perfect as this.

The day inevitably came too soon for Billy to return to duty, he went to say goodbye to his Father and Mother-in-law who were exceptionally fond of him, he shook his Father’s hand and his Father softly slapped his Son on the shoulder “take care my boy won’t you, write when you can, but take care Billy” said William with tears he was trying to hold back, Wilma was already crying and now it was time for his Mother, he hugged his mother, held her close, kissed her on her head, “Billy, Billy” is all she could whisper the sobbing so hard to hold back, “Mother I’ll be fine don’t you worry, I’ll be worrying not only over Annie but you and Pop and Thomas and Wilma, Mother please take care” he said as he laid kisses on her soft face “I love you mama” he said as he walked away, Aggie turned to her husband trying to speak through the tears she said “he has not called me mama since he was a little boy” and she sobbed once more.

Billy saw his young Bride standing in the doorway of their little home “I love you, I’ll get leave soon and we shall be together again” Annie tried to smile but just threw herself into his open arms  “Billy my Billy please don’t go, I know you have to I wish I could hide you but I can’t , I love you so much you are my life I can’t bear the thought” she said, “Annie I don’t want to go I wish I could just shut this door on the world and it be just us here but I can’t, I love you.  I’ve loved you from that first day at school when I saw you standing there with your long blond hair and tears, I have loved you since” he said, “And I have loved you Billy since you took my hand that first day” said Annie, now the tears flowing so readily, Billy held his wife tightly kissed her hard “oh Annie my heart is breaking but its time” he said as he kissed her again, she held his hand until she felt it slipping from hers “no Billy no” as he walked away, turning back mouthing “I love you, I love you” until he had disappeared with the other Soldiers from the village and surrounding villages marching down the road further and further away from her till no more could she see him.

Annie went into their little home and shut her door.  All she could do was cry for Billy and pray he would be safe and come home to her very soon.  There was to be joy in the Morfitt home when Annie discovered she was going to have a Baby, the Baby was due October and surely she thought the Army would let Billy come home on a short leave to see his Son.  Oh yes, Annie was certain she was carrying a boy, her mother was convinced it would be a Daughter but her Father and William and Aggie were sure it would be a boy “maybe William Morfitt the fourth” said William, “maybe” said Annie and William smiled.  Annie wrote to Billy straight away telling him she was carrying his Son due to be born in October.

Spring was wonderful in the countryside, William and Aggie worked hard in the bakery and would not let Annie help for fear she might harm the Baby “I am pregnant not ill” she would tell them, “no Annie, its what Billy would want if he was here” they would say.  So she would help her mother a little but mainly walk in the fields stroking the lambs, helping to feed them.  Summer was hot and Annie felt it, she found herself resting more, thinking of Billy where was he what was he doing, please God let him be alright she would say to herself.  Autumn arrived and the trees were full of the most scrumptious fruit, she made apple pies and apple and blackberry pies, gooseberry pies, French Tarts, French Pear Tarts.  Whatever she made for the bakery they sold as soon as they were put in the window.

When october arrived it arrived with a chill and by now Annie was feeling extremely uncomfortable, but the Doctor said everything was alright with the baby, and thats really all that mattered.  In the early hours of 12 October 1918, after much pain and many very painful hours, Aggie and Wilma there to help Annie bring their first Grandchild into the World “it hurts it hurts” shouted Annie, “now Annie” said Wilma, much to Annie’s surprise Wilma continued “Annie I bet you did not complain to Billy when it went in, so don’t complain now that you are giving birth”  a red faced Wilma proclaimed.  “Mother, mother I can’t, ouch, believe you said that” shouted Annie “nor can I” said Aggie “but she continued “don’t worry about that now Annie, the Baby’s head is here, reach down give me your hand” as Aggie reaches for Annie’s hand and so gently touched the baby’s head “say hello to your baby Annie” said a smiling Aggie  “now don’t push until I tell you to” said the two women “hurry please” said Annie.  “PUSH PUSH” the two women shouted and Annie PUSHED and out came the most lovely Baby “is it alright” cried Annie.  Both Women crying Aggie holding the Baby gently slapping its bottom for that first cry and he obliged very loudly too.  Handing the Baby  to Wilma to hand to her Daughter, wrapped in a towel Wilma handed the Baby to her Daughter “you have a Son my darling, a beautiful boy” said Wilma, “how do you know mother” said a confused Annie, as Wilma pulled back the towel “there you go your Son” said Wilma, “he has a good size one too just like his Daddy, I recall” said Aggie, “oh he has” said Annie and all three women laughed.

William and Thomas were downstairs waiting for the news, they heard the Baby cry “good set of lungs thank God” said William, “he or she has that alright” said Thomas.  The bedroom door opened and Wilma appeared holding the Baby carefully she walked down the stairs and handed to Thomas “your First Grandchild, your Grandson” said Wilma, “he’s beautiful” said Thomas as William looked on, holding the baby’s hand the baby held on tight and William laughed “thats our Grandson Aggie, thats all of us our Grandson to love” said William.  “I just wish Billy was here to meet his Son to be with Annie she was so brave so good, you can go to see her if you want the pair of you” Aggie told them.  “We should said William”, Thomas handed the Baby to Aggie, kissed his wife on the cheek and with William went upstairs to see Annie.

They knocked on the door “come in” she said and William and Thomas went in, Thomas went straight to his Daughter and hugged her, “don’t cry my little girl you have a wonderful Son” he said “I know daddy I just wish Billy was here,I want Billy” she cried, William took her hand and kissed it then kissed her on the cheek “I want him here too” he said as he hugged her “Annie thank you for this wonderful little baby, thank you my dear” said William, both men were finding it hard to hold back the tears but Annie was sobbing, Wilma came in and held her daughter.

When Billy found out that Annie was pregnant he asked her if it were a Boy he would like it to be named after his Father, the  tradition, Annie agreed but said if it was a Boy he should be named William Thomas Morfitt IV, Billy was overjoyed.  So it was thus this healthy beautiful baby was Christened in the Village Church of St Peter and Paul, where his Parents married just nine months previously.  Annie wrote to Billy telling him all about the Christening hoping he would receive the letter in time, Billy was due home for just four days after Christmas to see his Wife and new born Son.

There was much excitement within the family, Annie decorated the little home with Candles and Holly Garlands soon it would be Christmas her Son’s first Christmas.  It was a very cold day and her thoughts were of Billy all the time, she tried not to look at the paper, so many of Billy’s friends from this village and the surrounding ones had been killed, but not Billy, “Billy is coming home” she said stroking her Son’s cheek.  She looked at the newspaper headline, big battle still in Mons, “where is Mons” she said then looked at the map Billy gave her last time home, and she saw its in Belgium, “Billy is in France not Belgium” she said to young Billy, the date on the paper read 11 November 1918.

It was November 15, 1918, Annie was making some apple pies, from the apples they had stored, she thought she heard a scream, she stopped but nothing, she looked over to her baby Son who slept soundly.  Annie continued rolling more pastry when “knock knock” on the door “come in” Annie called out, there stood her Father-in-law William in his bakers aprons, her Father in his leather apron and Aggie and Wilma with tears they were trying to hold back, Annie looked at William he looked drained suddenly old much older he had tears too “NO NO NO” she screamed and collapsed to the floor the women rushed to her as the men picked her up, sat  her down, her Father poured out a small brandy “drink this child for me please” Annie did she looked at them, the Baby was crying, Wilma was seeing to him “NO NO its not true its not its not Billy they mean someone else not Billy can’t be” she screamed.  William could not speak, her Father held her hands “its true my little girl, its true, Billy has gone” said Thomas as he handed Annie the Telegram, she couldn’t see it for the tears, all she could hear was the word Mons in Belgium “Mons Billy was not in Mons” she cried “he was Annie when he wrote to his mother and myself, he put a note in for me asking me not to let you know he was going back to battle this time in Mons, he didn’t want you or his mother to know”.  “When when are they saying Billy died” asked Annie,  “April 11th at Mons Belgium” said Thomas trying to take the scrunched up telegram from Annie.

The hours of crying her parents Billy’s parents all devastated.  She laid on their bed, the baby slept soundly unaware of the disaster surrounding  them.  Annie drifted in and out of sleep, she was tossing and turning, then she opened her eyes and there was Billy looking down at the Baby, he turned and smiled at Annie, “Billy Billy you’re here” he smiled once more, swoosh like a butterfly and he was gone, “gone no no not gone” cried Annie.  Annie continued to sleep, and dreaming of Billy or not, Billy was next to her they were naked and he was kissing her as she stroked him, he made love to her she could feel him, he was in her she could feel him inside her pushing such pleasure those joyous feelings of Billy, she tossed and turned and cried and slept.

The days were long and heavy and slowly she was trying to accept Billy was gone, Villages called to express their condolences.  The Holly wreath on the front door to welcome Billy home was replaced with a Wreath.  Baby Billy was growing and he was a happy contented little boy, giving so much pleasure to not only Annie but his Grandparents.  William had been ill but the baby gave William a reason to keep going just like herself.

Here we are Christmas 1918 as Annie looked out of her little window, she looked down at her little Son stroked his cheek and he smiled, such a happy baby, “how much your Daddy would, does love you” she said.  “Knock knock” on her door it was William “can I come in Annie” he asked, “of course you can” said Annie, “we are already, the Turkey is cooked and waiting for my beautiful Daughter-in-Law and little Grandson”, “thank you William, just give me another five minutes, I know you understand”, she kissed William on the cheek, “I do my dear there are moments when alone I wait for Billy to come, I understand, take your time” and William quietly shut the door.

Annie watched William cross the small courtyard as she went to blow out the Candle she looked up at the window and there reflected was Billy looking at little Billy, turning and looking up and smiling at her she smiled back at Billy he called “I love you Annie, you are my love”.  Annie knew now Billy was gone and that Billy was now safe where he was safe and waiting for her, one day, one day.


1939  –  1945  World War II    –  Tobruk 1942

William Morfitt IV aged 24 years Died in June 1942 in Tobruk.   William was married aged 21 and he and Katherine had twins Annabelle born first by four minutes and William,  William Morfitt V.

So the story continues and more and more Wars and more deaths of those Brave individuals who fight for the Freedom of Us All.  Spare just a few minutes to Remember Them All.  It is not much to ask, they gave their lives.

No man wants to go to War, but Wars are fought and the call goes out and brave men and women, go and fight, fight for their Homelands, their Families, the Freedom that they give us.  No one should criticise any man or woman who fights to give us the Freedom we all enjoy.    –    THANK YOU TO THEM ALL




























Schubert    –    Serenade
































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