Little Bird high up

sitting there on its branch

long tall grasses down below

worms will gather

little Bird can eat


Look closer like the little bird

and down below

flattened areas of grasses

Men lay there

the ground and grasses their graves


Men from far afield came to this land

to stop other men from reaching other shores

for this they died on foreign soil

far from home far from those they loved


To take a Ridge, a “Bloody Ridge”

too much blood was spilt

but they came and fought

and brave they were


Who remembers

who cares

those they left behind they care

we should care

we all should care


Little Bird looks from its branch

and now all is quiet such peace

the guns have stopped

the killing has stopped


There below deep down below

the ever growing long grasses

lay the remains of brave young men

whose bones this ground

has become their garves












The Pacific    –    The Battle for Guadalcanal   –    (Thanks to Jim – Y’s Official Youtube Page)


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