He stirred in the bed

reached out his right arm

to pull her towards him

she was gone


He woke rubbing his eyes

calling out to her

“Louise, Louise where are you”

there was no answer

no need to look around the place


She was gone

gone to him

for how long, today

tomorrow, a week a month

he did not know


All he knew was when she returned

he would take her back

ask no questions

just be glad to have her back


But, for now she was with him

making love to him, he was touching her

“from my bed to his, the bitch”

he called out as he reached to the bed table

what else but a cigarette but did not light it


He wanted to phone her

as he did every time this happened

but he never did

what could he say to her

“come back Louise

“I love you, just don’t love him”

she would not listen


She was obsessed with him, not love

maybe love she just couldn’t resist him

when he was tired of her

when he had his other loves

she would come home


He took her pillow

he could smell her perfume

he could feel her breasts

her body, that soft skin

every part of her

he could feel himself in her

“if only I had her now”


The phone rang

he picked up quickly

“Louise,Louise is that you”

there was no answer

“shall I come and get you”

he asked in anticipation

quietly she answered “yes”


She was coming home thats all that mattered

he rose from the bed, showered and dressed

out of their home and in the car

that long drive to get her

he did not care

“Louise is coming home, to me, to me”

he repeated as he drove to bring her home


The smell of that man would be on her

straight from his bed back to mine

“forget it, I have her back thats all that matters” he said

as he approached the house

she stood under the porch lights

still in her negligee

through the sheer material

he could see her body, her shapely legs

her firm breasts, waiting for his lips


He switched the car off ran from the car

swept her up in his arms

she cried as she always did

her arms around his neck

his mouth found hers

she was back


He sat her in the car

got in next to her

as she laid back in the seat

his arms encircled her

his hands found her breasts

her nipples erect

she kissed him “let’s go home” she whispered

the car sped off

until the next time











Hank Williams Jr    –    “Your Cheatin Heart”





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