Looking at you laying there

all the years unravel in front of my eyes

you breathe slowly your eyes shut

I went from this innocent girl

to this unhappy woman

how the years ticked away


Like looking at a giant clock

in a railway station

tick tock tick tock

there go my years

and to this end

I stand here and watch you


Was it infaturation

was it love

was it the safety I saw

or the chance to escape

escape and have freedom


That was to be short lived

perhaps for us both

I so often questioned

within myself like now

were you happy

you never looked it


“What is love” that’s what you would say

when asked by me “do you love me as I love you”

“what is love” you would only answer

which was no answer to me


How foolish to be innocent

to trust so much

to give oneself completely

and you

what did you gain

companionship and  loyalty

the latter you demanded


I watch you lay there

your eyes closed

but you are not asleep

you know I am here

as I always have been


You breathe so slowly

life gradually leaving you

and all we have been through

all the pain all the unhappiness

was there not a time

when we were both in love

both happy


I will be here to the end

from that first day age 16 years

my first job and I knew it all

I saw you and fell in love

I am here now that woman of 45 years

and now as darkness falls

for both of us

I am here to your last breath












Vic Damone    =    “Softly As I Leave You”

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