Today, this afternoon November 22, 2016 is Budget Day here in the UK.  I used to watch the Budget, I no longer do so as it only annoys me.  Yet one cannot avoid hearing about it.  One of my Sons has just told me bits and pieces and already I am annoyed.

I decided some time ago that when the next General Election takes place in this Country, for the first time since I was able to cast my Vote when I was 21 years of age, I am not going to Vote.  This means, of course, that I should not complain about who won or the opposition as I did not Vote, but I know I will still voice my opinion right or wrong.

I am told by my Son that the Government, the Conservative Government, are going to give £28 million of Taxpayers money  –  people still refer to the money the Government give, the Government has no money its our money the Taxpayers, well those that pay their taxes and believe me its not just the rich or the ultra rich that get away with not paying all the tax they should like the QUEEN.   We have plenty of scum in this Country who sit on their arses and refuse to work because of the ridiculous Benefits system we have in this Country.  We have people who are sitting back and claiming £58,000 a year, may not seem much but it did to those that are not getting what they are entitled to.

I see bits and pieces from America and I see that they have problems with Benefits system as well, was that something Obama introduced?  The Benefits System needs to be drastically overhauled, those that refuse to work should have their benefits cut drastically.  I feel a lot of anger about this, because like millions of people like me who pay their taxes why should I pay for the filth that refuse to work, young men and women, women/girls who don’t just have one child they have 6, 7, 8 more, different Fathers if in fact they even know who the fathers are.  It’s the Children that always suffer, always.

As I started stating above the Government are going to give £28 million for Kensington and Chelsea Council (not a poor part of London if anyone has visited the area).  What comes next really sticks in my throat as a Widow and Taxpayer I totally resent this, the £28 million is so the Council can provide Counselling Services and mental health support for the victims of the Grenfell fire and regeneration of the surrounding area.  CRAP.

I am furious, people die accidentally or otherwise in Fires in every part of the United Kingdom, does that mean they will receive all this help, the survivors that is, of course they won’t.  This Is Theresa May, the PM and her Government crawling to these people.  For a start the victims were all rehoused in Luxury Penthouse apartments and other luxury apartments.  Call me what you want, when I state that I am sickened every time I hear about all the Black victims of the Fire.  Excuse me but there were White Victims that died in that fire too, there was a young Italian Couple that died.  But no one mentions them, just the black victims.  I ask the question why is it so important for people to stress what colour those that died are, people died thats the point.  People in this Country have become too scared to speak their minds, why?  The truth can sometimes hurt, but I prefer the truth every time.

If the Government can waste £28 million pounds like this, why have they not given it to those Pensioners who do not claim benefits, do not have all the benefits they should if they claim.  There are Pensioners in this Country this Winter that will DIE because they will not have enough food to eat and/or because they will die of the Cold, and believe me its very cold here right now I am lucky I have my heating on full.  Yes and I do draw the State Pension that I paid into when I worked.  Because of some very serious health issues I have I am entitled to claim other Benefits, but I won’t I never have and never will.  I would like to think that money I am not claiming is going to someone who deserves it more, but I have a lousy feeling it goes to some lazy bastard who refuses to work and claims all they can.

I get so annoyed when I see on TV or hear about disabled people even those that cannot speak their whole bodies ravaged by illness and yet authorities some smart arse left winger no doubt health visitor or whatever is sent out to visit this disabled person determines that the disabled person is fit for work or some work, WHAT are they mad.  Those that deserve help do not receive it.  What this Country should do is say to these girls/women who are not married shag around with every tom dick or harry, if they want all these children then after the first child no benefits.  Believe me I have seen it I have heard it “lets go to the DSS and get some money so we can go clubbing tonight, tell them I need saucepans”, when I heard that comment some years ago I found it so hard to hold my tongue.  I was a Widow bringing up two Boys and I had to manage.  I have seen elderly people shopping in the past putting food back because they could not afford it.  Yet this Country still under all Governments gives money to those that do not deserve it.

£2.8 billion the Government are going to give the NHS this also has to cover the Winter costs they will entail.  It’s not enough.

The Government are going to give Refunds on VAT for all the Scottish Police and Fire Services, WHY?

Spirits will not be increased in this budget, of course not, all the MPs get it cheap in the House of Commons Bars and the waste of space House of Lords Bars.  Beer no doubt will cost more as will cigarettes – and why are people made to feel like paharias over smoking, its their choice, I don’t smoke, other people must do what they want, as long as they don’t blow their smoke in my face.  My Father was a very heavy smoker, and I guess thats one reason why I have some problems, I had Pneumonia twice when I was a baby which left a weakness and my Father smoking all the time breathing that in as a child would not have helped.

So far I have not heard that the State Pension is to be increased, we are forgotten.  My anger has not ceased over the £28 million to Kensington and Chelsea and I doubt it will.

So the Conservatives under the leadership of the Prime Minister Theresa May (well until the knives go all the way in her) and the Opposition Party Labour under the Leadership of Jeremy Corbyn the extreme Left Wing of the Party including its Shadow Chancellor MacDonnell (God help us all) and as they are so Far Left if and when they claim power they will Abolish the Monarchy and the House of Lords which is what Corbyn and MacDonnell both IRA supporters to this day, have always wanted  –  except now the smell of power has got to them and Mcdonnell stated a few weeks ago when the Scandal broke about the Queen and her Taxes and Investments, MacDonnell shouts out “LEAVE OUR QUEEN ALONE”  – “Leave our Queen alone” my God the stench of his and Corbyn’s hypocrisy is too much.

So I will not be voting for any of them, they will all f..k up the Country even more than now.   What will I do, time will tell.

One thing I do know is that its time someone spoke up for the Pensioners and those Disabled who are forgotten, and thats disgraceful in this Country 2017 nearly 2018.

Below you will see a clip, this is Britain today.  These are the Pensioners, these are the Generation that fought a War to save their Country, for the Freedom we enjoy today the Freedom we take too lightly.  This is how they are treated, and how many don’t even get this.  Someone has to speak up for the Rights of the Pensioners.  One day those brave Men and Women serving this Country may have to face this.   Today ex Soldiers who are physically and/or mentally ill are homeless and can be found sleeping around London, on the famous Mall even outside Buckingham Palace, does the Queen care of course not.  She could not even be bothered to stand at the Cenotaph to Remember all those that have Died and will die in her name.  The Queen couldn’t even do that much on Remembrance Sunday.













.Food Poverty, The Pensioners who struggle every day.  What about those that don’t have this?

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