On a cold Winter’s afternoon

wind blowing with grey sky

leaves that remain

a few cling to their trees

the rest sadly scatter the ground

the Sea looks so cold and choppy


Walking along on the coastal path

the dog running just ahead

but on its lead

just idle thoughts

of things long past


Two strangers going to pass

two dogs eager to meet

“sorry” you hear the words

look up, he stands there and smiles

“sorry I thought I was the only one around”

you hear him say


You can’t get the words out

then suddenly you hear this voice

“oh thats alright its so cold to be out”

the voice says, your voice


He continues to smile

“I think there are some others around too” he says

“I haven’t seen you here before”

his strong voice surrounds you

“I don’t normally come out this time” you say

you both laugh as the dogs play


“Hopefully I’ll see you again” he says

“yes I hope so too” you reply

“Jeffrey” he informs you as he extends his hand for yours

you pull your glove off and shake his hand

which was surprisingly warm

“It’s Olivia” you answer

as the wind blows hard

and the remaining leaves fall from their trees


“Until tomorrow this time perhaps Olivia”

as he prepares to walk away

quickly you tell yourself

don’t be so stupid say yes to him

before he is gone forever, say yes

“yes I would love to Jeffrey, by the way what is your dogs name”

you hurriedly ask him, as you pull your dog to your side


“Moments” he answers with a smile

“moments” you ask, “why moments”

“well he has his moments of madness, couldn’t call him madness” he laughs

“thats very good” you say, “mine is midnight, because she never sleeps until midnight”

“I think we both have very unusual dogs, maybe they were meant to meet, like us”

he answers as he places a kiss on your cold right cheek

“tomorrow” you say as you both walk on


Wondering if he or she will look back

both look back, both smile

a chance meeting

moments together

more moments to come













Frank Sinatra – “Moment to Moment” and Henry Mancini’s music.  Perfection.   Many thanks to “bk whopper”


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