Its hard to believe

that Christmas is coming fast

don’t know what’s gone wrong

with me today

perhaps my downstairs

Dyson cleaner breaking

has irritated me


I have been playing Classical music all day

nothing wrong with that ofcourse

but it makes me think

too much about past and present


When I married my late Husband

he only liked Classical music

so my type of music was put away

and I soon got to like Classical


Right now I hear the gifted

Placido Domingo singing out

Christmas songs


I haven’t even thought about

Christmas cards until right now

I do have ready to go up

all those musical Bears etc

funny but annoying as they never stop


Christmas and after typing this

I must start looking

on the internet for a new

vacuum cleaner

can’t do without that

the cleaner upstairs too heavy

to take up and down the stairs


Carpets, carpets everywhere

and my Dog’s hairs are an added bonus

I made myself a coffee, that went down the sink

day started off fine got a lot of work done

despite listening to the music

but now oh hell I can’t be bothered


Wanted to put some Christmas Lights up

they remain still in their boxes under the stairs

my eldest Son comes home from work

“do you have a bottle of wine to spare”

“yes, no” I say but of course he can

I think we both need a glass


Another day drawing to a close

did I feel good, yes I suppose so

time for a cup of tea

what would we English

do without our Tea


I got the recycling ready this morning

for collection tomorrow morning

so that job is done

what else

can’t think

don’t care

Enjoy your Sunday














The one and only Dean Martin, lovely man, great voice.  Too soon for “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”?




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