Shall I admit to you

that I want to pinch

some chocolates

I can’t lie so as soon

as I go upstairs

I will have to admit to my sin


I am avoiding chocolates for a year now

and have been doing quite well

I even told my Sons

“please no chocolates for Christmas”

“you sure” they asked “positive” I said


Yet I sit here at my Son’s desk

typing away quite happily

and just behind me on his drawer unit

stands, yes stands there all alone

a whole tub of Cadbury’s Roses chocolates


No, no, no don’t be tempted

I tell myself I try not to look

but I just glanced back

and there the blue tub sits


There are Fudge sweets in the tub

which I happen to love

they call out to me “Anna, Anna pick me”

“no I can’t its wrong,  I have to watch the sugar”

I told the very tempting tub


I turn and I swear

the tub has moved towards me

well I believe that

quickly I turn around

pick the tub up

I can’t open the top


I pull and pull the top comes off

chocolates fly all over the desk

“oh no now what” I said

quickly took the fudge all nicely wrapped up

and then a sort of soft toffee called to me

“don’t put me back I don’t like it here” so I didn’t


The tub is back in place

I have had the sugar

Diabetis2 I should not

well it is under control

oh well its done now


Soon I will be going upstairs

to sort out the washing I must put away

sort out all my drugs, not that type

prescribed tablets for this for that never ending

in fact some have done permanent damage


I don’t live in California

this is England and we have some stupid laws

at least in California I could get a prescription

for Marijuana that would help all my pain

one day I’ll get there


For now I must prepare to own up

about those tempting chocolates

then I can get a bath have a lovely bubble soak

and settle in my bedroom

and hopefully sit and watch on tv

“The Day Of The Jackal”

old film but still good


I may go mad

and have a small bottle of  Peroni

and try, really try not to fall asleep

for now “bye bye to the Cadbury’s Roses

and Goodnight or have a nice day

to the whoever may read this













A little taste of Frederick Forsythe’s story, wonderful film.   “The Day Of The Jackal”



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