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Back when I was doing my Zoology degree in the 1960s I was reading books like Rachel Carson – Silent Spring and Gordon Rattray Taylor – The Biological Timebomb and the Doomsday Book. Population, Pollution and ecological catastrophe were big themes to grapple with.

I had grown up with nature, romped in fields full of buzz, stridulation, colour and life. I caught lizards, newts, frogs, toads and snakes. The ditches were alive with living creatures. The air was full of wings, feathered and chitinous and my ears were full of birdsong and chirping, buzzing melody. My eyes took the colours for granted.

I suppose I thought it would always be like that. That Rachel and Gordon’s warnings would be heeded.

My fear was that the overnight destruction of the richness of nature would shock people into action.

But it isn’t like that.

As the population has increased it has steadily…

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