Today is the Birthday of an incredible Lady whose name forever will be remembered throughout the World, for her Gardens Designs.   Her name was;

GERTRUDE JEKYLL she was a British Horticulturist who was born November 29, 1843 in London.  She Died  December 8, 1932  –  aged 89 years.  Gertrude Jekyll died at her beloved home Munstead Wood.

Gertrude Jekyll’s designs can be seen at amongst others, Hestercombe Gardens, Somerset.  Lindisfarne Castle.  She restored the long border at Upton Grey Manor House, Hampshire.  Her work abroad was highly recommended.  She designed hundreds of British Gardens, she also designed many Gardens in France and the United States.

Gertrude Jekyll left behind on her death an extraordinary legacy.  Perhaps that is why the British are known, or were well known for their Gardens.  Sadly these days, most people tear up their Gardens and concrete over or build Patios.  Even where I live most Gardens apart from say four including mine are left as Gardens.  When I moved into this House December 1981, come Spring all the Trees that lined the Gardens were in full blossom, Sundays men could be seen gardening, I was out in mine too, planting and enjoying the pleasure a Garden can give.  It is so sad to see all this concrete, nothing more beautiful than to see the Trees budding in Spring, the Daffodils and Tulips the Bluebells and heavenly scent of the Lilacs.  When the Roses come along all the beautiful flowers and shrubs of Summer are in full colour.

Hopefully there’s enough of Gertrude Jekyll’s memory and her love of Gardens left in we British..


Gertrude Jekyll we Celebrate Her Birthday Today.





Gertrude Jekyll’s  Munstead Wood.     (Thanks to Phaidon Press)















































2 thoughts on “GERTRUDE JEKYLL

    1. Yes it is sad Opher, I spotted yesterday this big fat cat in my garden, and I think he is now living at the bottom of my garden. I had that little “Bambi” last year. I love all the wildlife in my garden, these people do not realize how much they are missing, even the Butterflies in the summer are so lovely to watch, and the Honey Bees all gathered.


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