Christmas is near

out come the fairy lights

and the arguments begin


Christmas Trees to buy

one adorns the Hall

the other the Sitting room

“can’t see out the windows”



Christmas joy

for all

no not really

putting the damper on

all the festivities


People think of the homeless

and rightly so

people think of little children

alone and frightened

their voices rarely heard


Please don’t forget the animals

the Dogs and Cats

and bunnies and birds

and all the other animals big or small

no one cares about


Do you?

I do care

but theres a limit

to the funds one can give

we have to educate

the ignorant of the cruelty

that they inflict


From that Night in Bethlehem

when Baby Jesus

our Saviour was born

Donkeys and dogs and lambs

many other other pure souls

surrounded that Babe in His crib


For me all Animals

large or small

are precious

are beautiful

they are here for a purpose


Not to be slaughtered

in backstreet butchers

or in foreign street markets

or made to entertain

or chased until

they can run no more


Then they wait with tears in their eyes

for that final bullit

and they don’t understand

as we are murdering the future


Whoever it was first said

Animals do not feel pain

they should be shot

they should feel pain

they should be made extinct

All Animals feel pain

as they feel love


So ring-a-ding-ding

enjoy the festivities

remember what Christmas Really Means

and help an animal or donate a small sum

to help all the Animals

that need us this Christmas
















Placido Domingo    –   “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”        –        (Thanks to Hassan Shokeir)


  1. Lots to think about – homeless and animals, the starving and those in war zones, the poor children and evil dictators – as we make merry with friends and family.
    I wish you a merry solstice celebration Anna. All the best.

    Liked by 1 person

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