If you’re an illegal alien in San Francisco you can get away with murder … as long as you kill an innocent American citizen

Another very informative blog on the murder of Kate Steinle and the freeing of that murderer.

Cry and Howl

Well okay, the ‘jury’ in San Francisco deliberated and returned a ‘not guilty’ verdict for the illegal alien who shot and killed Kate Steinle. Not murder, not intentional or un-intentional manslaughter … nada, nothing, zip, zero, zilch. He was found guilty of only being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. I guess we have to consider that this happened in California, the same state which a long time ago found O.J. Simpson not guilty of murder years ago, but I digress. So, Kate Steinle was walking along a pier in broad daylight with her father. The shooter had been deported five or six times prior and returned illegally into the U.S. He was being held in jail then released as San Francisco is known to be a “sanctuary city” or in other words a “safe space” for those who break the laws in America. I have to…

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5 thoughts on “If you’re an illegal alien in San Francisco you can get away with murder … as long as you kill an innocent American citizen

  1. Sounds like the guy should have been locked up. But my experience of juries is that they invariably get things wrong. I know of one case where a colleague of mine was on a murder case and they had the guy, a known hitman, dead to rights with thumb print, forensic evidence and CCTV. But a few members of the jury said they would not find guilty on any evidence because they said the police lie. The killer walked free. On the jury I was on the guy, who we all felt was innocent, had to be found guilty. Fellow jurors had let a serial slasher go free. I haven’t heard of a correct verdict yet. Makes you think about justice and juries.
    But Anna – this case is being used by people to stir up feelings against immigrants. I could find a hundred other similar cases which weren’t immigrants. There’s miscarriages of justice all the time.


    1. This is the opposite, Opher. This case was politicized not by anti-immigrant forces, but by the the pro-immigrant forces who have failed to follow the rules of the land. This case is quite clear. Kate would be alive today if law enforcement in San Francisco had done their job. The fact is, there are immigration laws here. If you break them, you are a criminal. It’s not an opinion but a statute. It’s comments like the one that you made about ‘stirring up feelings against immigrants’ that are dangerous. We cannot choose to follow those laws which we agree with, and not follow those in which we don’t. He was here illegally, and aside from the previous 7 felony counts against him, and his prior 5 deportations, he was a criminal by virtue of breaking our immigration laws. The people – American citizens – who are being raped and murdered have a right, too and it ought not to be minimized the the progressives who seem to be behaving more like the anarchists that are firmly in their ranks.

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      1. So well said Rob, the Gentleman as ever, eloquent in the way in which you make your point. I agree totally with you, we have same problems here, its a dangerous situation here that will explode sooner than later. I followed the story of Kate and hoped that she would get justice, the fight by her family would see justice, unbelievable I hope that Jury and Judge can live with themselves.

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      2. Thank you, Anna. Germany is in a similar situation. Progressives are subverting existing laws and trying to change the composition of their countries demographics. These are the global progressives, along with Soros, who wish to change the west to their worldview.


  2. Opher, please do not say that. I really would prefer not to say this but I can’t hold back, you are far too liberal and that is what is destroying this Country. What is your excuse for those Pakistani men, some immigrants who are still taking white girls off the streets up north, gang raping them and keeping them as prostitutes. The local authorities know, as do the Police, as do the Government and Opposition and who is doing anything, they are too scared to act for fear of “RACIST” this Country is being destroyed in front of our eyes. I have been watching this case in America and what has been printed on those blogs is the truth. We all know Opher not all the Police are not straight, and I am aware you have two Police Officers in your family. I had criminal damage to my House after David died, the young man lived two doors away, I called the Police, NO ACTION, why because Daddy down the road is a former CID Officer from Scotland Yard, the son was high on booze and drugs the early hours of that morning and the Police ignored it. The Father then accused my young Son of hitting Golf Balls over two gardens to hit his grandson, crap. When the Police called I took them out to the back garden and showed them the massive Golf tent my Son had bought, Police went away. My Father’s Friend, younger Son was imprisoned for a Crime he never committed, he had learning difficulties, so easy to frame. Many years later the Lad got a Queen’s Pardon and money, could not replace the years he lost the terrible things he went through. This beautiful girl in San Francisco was murdered by this criminal this immigrant, its not racist its not being biased, its Murder and he got away with it.

    I have just read Rob’s reply to you and you know very well I am going to agree with him, its what I have been saying to you for ages, only Rob is so polite and eloquent in all he has to say. You know damn well Opher immigrants are breaking the law here every day of the week and its the far left like Momentum and that other crowd “No Hate” lot that are doing immense damage to this Country. Sooner than later people are going to fight back and not tolerate all this lefty pinko crap.

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