Just a  mixture of poems this week of love, friendship and some silliness.


I AM NOT YOURS    –    By Sara Teasdale

I am not yours, not lost in you,

Not lost, although I long to be

Lost as a candle lit at noon,

Lost as a snowflake in the sea.


You love me, and I find you still

A spirit beautiful and bright,

Yet I am I, who long to be

Lost as a light is lost in light.


Oh plunge me deep in love – put out

My senses, leave me deaf and blind,

Swept by the tempest of your love,

A taper in a rushing wind.



FRIENDSHIP    –    By Alexander Pushkin

What’s friendship?  The hangover’s faction,

The gratis talk of outrage,

Exchange by vanity, inaction,

or bitter shame of patronage.



THE HOURGLASS    –    Ben Johnson

Consider this small dust here running in the glass,

By atoms moved;

Could you believe that this body was

Of one that loved?

And in his mistress’ flame, playing like a fly


Turned to cinders by her eye:

Yes; and in death, as life, unblessed,

To have it expressed,

Even ashes of lovers find no rest.



A SILLY POEM    –    By Spike Milligan

Said Hamlet to Ophelia,

I’ll draw a sketch of thee,

what kind of pencil shall I use?

2B or not 2B?



MRS MOON    –    By Roger McGough

Mrs Moon

sitting up in the sky

little old lady


with a ball of fading light

and silvery needles

knitting the night.



CAKE    –    By Roger McGough

I wanted one life

you wanted another

we couldn’t have our cake

so we ate each other

=============================================================================       THERE YOU ARE    –    By   Anna

The golden sand on the beach

how it trickles through my fingers

the sea that slowly draws in

as the Moon above

shines and glistens

on the water


I look to the stars

shooting across the sky

appears the largest star

and as I lay here on the sand

looking up and there you are



Have a good weekend and stay safe,




































Song To The Moon    –    Antonin Dvorak








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