Everyone needs to read this, and see the damage that political correctness and stupidity does cause.

3 thoughts on “ShameFrancisco

    1. You are so far Left Opher. I have been following this since I first read it online. It should never ever have happened, and had this criminal been locked up (he had a long record) as he should have been that Girl would be alive today. That piece of scum has walked because there are two many PC/lefty pinkos around these days.

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  1. Thank you for the re-blog, Anna. With any luck, these leftists/anarchist/radicals will be exposed for who they are. I hope that a complete investigation begins, beginning with the police department who let him leave before immigration officials could take him into custody, and the city council members, who have adopted the ‘sanctuary city’ status, which in essence, breaks federal immigration laws. Their behavior/action is directly responsible for the conditions that resulted in Kate’s death.


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