The Queen should be ashamed of herself there is a very good chance that we are watching the end of the British Monarchy, thank God.  Time we got shot of all these archaic systems we have, this Country will never move on until we are a Republic and we need to become a Republic sooner than later.

How sick I am of hearing about this so called actress, no one had heard of except Harry who saw it taking its clothes off on a tv programme and fancied a bit.  I have been avoiding the newspapers, all tv news channells especiall today and the next few weeks, and months.

Who cares, who the hell cares that this utterly lazy spoilt brat who is jealous of his Brother William and what he has, he has decided to marry this divorced woman from Oakland, California.  This woman divorced her husband she cheated on him, she broke up another marriage for a tv part, then she set her eyes farther afield, and this idiot here fell for this money grabbing woman.

The Queen should be ashamed of herself, she is after all the Head Of The Church Of England and is believed to be rather Religious, really?  The Queen’s own Marriage although long has had its share of scandals that they tried so desperately to cover up, her Husband Prince Philip and all the affairs he had, there is even talk now because of a new BBC Drama to come out about the “John Profumo Affair with Christine Keeler”, “call girl” ie prostitute.  John Profumo at that time was Minister for War under the Harold Macmillan Conservative Government.  Cut a long story short the orgies that went on at Lord Astor’s stately pile at Cliveden in Buckinghamshire saw Keeler not only sleeping with Profumo but also with a Russian Agent Captain Yevgeny Ivanov, Naval Attache at the Soviet Embassy in London, at the time.  There were orgies and drugs that took place at Cliveden and well you guess the rest, they tried to keep it all quiet because of all “the famous names” involved, Big Business Men, Writers Politicians, Actors one named was Douglas Fairbanks but the Sunday News Of The World I believe was the first paper to break the story, and the UK loved reading all about it, including my own Mother.

So there we have the Queen whose Husband cheated on her far too many times.  Not to mention her Sister the so called Princess Margaret who was having an affair with a married man and her Mother, the Queen Mother, strongly disapproved as did the Queen.  When Margaret asked for permission to marry this man, Group Captain Peter Townsend, the Queen refused telling her sister  “I am Head of The Church Of England how can I grant you permission to marry a divorced man”.  My God how times have changed, most of all how standards have dropped.  So on the rebound Margaret married a Commoner a Society (what else) Photography Anthony Armstrong Jones.  It was doomed, they had two children but Margaret had her affairs and after a period of time, the Husband wanted an end to the sham marriage, he had to supply the adultery for the divorce.   Margaret went on to live her life of uselessness by insulting the British people, the Irish Nation with her disgusting comments, shopping, shopping and holidays, holidays and having lovers from “uppercrust morons” to Rock stars, Mick Jagger was a lover for a period, they shared drugs at their orgies, she had black and white criminal lovers she seemed to sleep with anyone, even “pigs” as she would say.

We then have the first Son, right idiot Charles, who on the eve of his   famous Wedding to the beautiful Diana, slept with his mistress.   “any man in his right mind would want her” as my Husband would tell me when I mentioned Diana.  With whom did Charles sleep on that night, the old bag he is now married to, the woman he had turned down many years previously, the woman who gladly cheated on her husband and as her husband was to say later “they made a right cuckold of me”.  Charles not only deceived Diana on that night but on their Wedding Night he wore some piece of jewellery that bore the initials C/C, Charles and Camilla.  Even on their Honeymoon, wherever they docked on their Cruise it was said that “fag smoking, whiskey drinking Camilla was somewhere there, waiting for him.

As we all know from history Charles treated Diana disgracefully, we all saw the state she got into thanks to Charlie boy and we all watched as this beautiful woman still loved her husband and could not fight off this interfering jewels grabbing ugly old cow Camilla Parker-Bowles.  There we have it, the Queen said “enough is enough” as we “her people” as she refers to us, (I am NOT one of her Peoples.  I am me, no one owns me). enjoyed reading all about this dysfunctional Family we are supposed to look up to, like hell.

NO.1  –    DIVORCE  Charles and Diana, and her settlement was rather poorly.  The Queen in a fit of temper no doubt, did something so many in this Country found unforgivable and still do, that was stripping Diana of her HRH.  The truth of that car crash that terrible night in Paris, we know the truth, the Royals try to hide it.  If you ever saw the Funeral of HRH The Princess of Wales, then you know how much love there was for her that day.  You will never ever see a Funeral like that in this Country for any other Royal, the Queen’s Funeral when it comes will be nothing compared to the outpouring of love there was for Diana.

It gets better, again the British Taxpayers had to fork out for another very lavish expensive Wedding, the Queen’s second Son and as she states “Her Favourite”, thats disgusting (no parent should have a favourite child, I know from first hand experience the damage it does).  Everyone could see from the very beginning that Andrew’s Marriage to a woman called Fergie would not work out “she was wild she was trouble”, and trouble she proved to be.  Her real name was Sarah Ferguson, she was what was known as, a Commoner.  When she and Diana got together they caused problems.   We the Taxpayers paid for the Wedding, we always do along with everything else, all the protection for the rest of their lazy lives, their house which much to the Taxpayers annoyance including mine that house was gutted, and eventually the Divorces.

It was not long before Fergie hit the newspaper headlines with this scandal or that.  It all culmulated in 1992 when the Daily Mirror Newspaper broke the story and page after page of sensational pictures, shocking at the time, even stomach churning.  There was Fergie on holiday, as ever ( just like her two daughters do now always on holiday they are a joke here).  Fergie spread out, topless not a pretty sight I can tell you, and at her feet was  one of her two lovers, John Bryan something in the City was his job, indeed!!  Bryan not just sitting at Fergie’s feet but licking/kissing/sucking her toes.   Not something we British are used to seeing  the Royals do.  Imagine the surprise next morning at the Royal Breakfast table, adorned with the Queen’s Tupperware containers, I kid you not. When the Queen and her Husband opened up the newspapers, all of them, by all accounts Philip went ballistic.  That as they say was;

NO.2  –  DIVORCE, Andrew spoilt brat and the ever spending Fergie who would say when told by the Husband she was spending too much money, she would reply  “we have plenty”, indeed the British Taxpayer.   Bye, bye Fergie and good riddance.

Fergie never seemed far from the news, she went to America, I hope you enjoyed her, Italy she was hunting for money and lovers, in that order.


Now somewhere between these two Marriages and two Divorces.  The Queen’s only Daughter, Princess Anne married as they say a Gentleman and an Officer.  There was cheating on his side, I don’t believe he was the first at it.  Rumours have it that stuck up actor Anthony Andrews was and is more than good friends with Anne.   The Queen approved;

NO.3  –  DIVORCE for her Daughter Anne.  Anne married quietly in Scotland the man of her choice for second Husband,  Something in the Admiralty, he keeps his distance and its said and one can see that this no marriage, but a second divorce “mummy said no” its said.

Marriage for the youngest Son Edward, was to another as the Royals say “a Commoner” her namer Sophie Helen Rhys-Jones and they are still married to this day.  The Queen is very fond of her Daughter-in-Law and there has not been any scandal, they have children and The Countess of Wessex works tirelessly on behalf of the Royal Family.  There has always been rumours about the Husband’s sexuality but for me thats their business.  We do pay for them as well.


Here we have it, three Divorces for the Queen’s Sons and Daughter.  The Queen the very Head Of The Church Of England.  How do these people live with themselves.  They are all such hypocrites.  We had the Queen not bothering to even stand at The Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday, an insult to all those that have died, been injured  going to Wars to defend this Country and others.  Yet a few days later in the cold in the grounds of one of her homes, there she was a woman in her 90s on the back of a Horse, riding out.  She couldn’t even pay respect to those that we should Remember for two Minutes on Remembrance Sunday.




Now we have this latest crap, I will do all I can after this to avoid everything about this spoilt brat Harry and this Divorced woman, that people will be expected to curtsy to, if I was in that position I would not courtesy to her or any of them.  Stories have already come out of Buckingham Palace, its said that so many of the staff do not like this divorced woman and that they do not want to have to curtsy to her, of course they will have to.

Harry saw this divorced so called actress in a tv programme and decided he had to have her, like a child with his toys.  When they met, for her love at first sight, NO  “money and more money, Harry’s Mother’s  jewels and position and title.”  The Queen I remind you, Head Of The Church Of England, against Divorce.  High Church of England NO DIVORCE.  The Queen allows this marriage, we the British Taxpayers are going to have to pay for this so called actress from Oakland, the Wedding, their Houses already chosen, their living and finally in 2 to 3 years time the Divorce.  Yes the Divorce will happen, because this divorced woman will not accept her loss of freedom, she will not like all the restrictions and being told every day what she will be doing, and having plain clothes private protection police following her 24 hours a day.   All that drove Diana and Fergie mad, thats why they went off the rails and the lack of affection they felt from their husbands.  Most of all this woman will tire of this spoilt little boy who is so jealous of what his brother William has with Kate and their Children, he wants all that too.  He has always been so close to Kate, its said he is actually in love with Kate.  You cannot compare Katherine (Kate) to this divorced woman.  Its said when Harry does not get his own way he acts just like a spoilt child throwing his toys out of the pram.  Will this divorced, older woman, from Oakland put up with this when she will be in the position she wanted when she hooked the fool.  She will meet even richer men, she will not hang around.  Speaking to some Republicans here the feeling is this divorced woman will bring the Royals down.

I have to say all the comments I have read before refusing to read anymore in the papers or on the internet, this divorced woman from Oakland is not wanted here she is definitely not liked, and what we don’t want is her friends coming here telling us the British Public what we should do, I refer to The Obamas, especially him.  He made a mess of the United States, weakened it.  He hates the UK he has stated and he hates as he said “the racist Whites”.  Obama interred in our Political system, how dare he.  Obama does not like this Country,  then don’t come here, he is not welcome at any time.



There you have it The United Kingdom’s Royal Family, The Monarchy.  What a bunch of waste of space they are.  But, before I finish I would like to say something about the only Royal I ever had time for and that was Katherine the Duchess of Kent.  She was treated so badly not only by her Husband, my husband would defend him, he would The Duke of Kent is Grand Master or whatever he is called “the big wig” of Great Britain’s Masons, and yes you guess my late Husband was a Mason and a Past Master of his Lodge twice.   Well they get everywhere don’t they.  One interesting point, my late Husband told me long before we married that the Masons would never accept Charles as King because he refused to become a Mason, and every King of England (going back to what  period I can’t say) apparently has been a Mason.  Charles not only refused his Father and his beloved Uncle Earl Mountbatten of Burma, he was rude in things he said about them, they don’t forget.  Its said the Masons always help each Brother, really?

Katherine, Duchess of Kent was a true Lady in every meaning of the word, she was far too good for the Royals far too good for that husband of hers.  We have not seen the Duchess of Kent in public for years, its like she has disappeared.  More like she was banished from the Royals.

Why, well you see Katherine Converted to Catholicism and that for the Royals is a DEFINITE NO.  They can never marry a Catholic if they do then he or she must give up their Faith.  The Queen may I respectfully remind you is Head of The Church Of England, and a CATHOLIC – my God they would be cursed if they accepted that.  Divorce well when it suits them.

So no Duchess of Kent in public or anywhere, its as though she was banished from the Royals, I suspect she was.  The Duchess of Kent was not only beautiful, well educated, but gentle, kind so kind and she was not only liked and admired by the British Public but one of the few, if not the only one that had the British Taxpayers respect.    Unlike this new divorced woman, no one likes her.

It does not surprise me that the Queen is not worried about their “famous Blue Blood” as they refer to it being mixed, she knows as we all do, the name of Harry’s Father.  I have not said that to offend this is the Royals, that we have to tolerate.

Finally, take a good look at our Royals and then look at the European Royals ( no arguments over Brexit) the European Royals look not only more respectable, the majority earn their own money, they just look so much more decent.

The Queen and her Family were barely clinging onto the Throne with Diana’s Death, the beautiful woman they intensely disliked especially her husband who was so jealous of her and why, because he knew the British Public loved Diana and hated him. and what the Queen did and her excuses.  Blair, as PM, had to interfere and kept the Throne for the Queen, had it not been for him they would have been finished.  It is said this latest one, this divorced woman will finish the Royal Family with scandal finally.


I had no intention of adding any more or wasting anymore time, but I have just been told that it has been announced that this divorced woman is not only giving up her Nationality to become a British Citizen – oh please keep her we don’t want her.  Not only that but apparently she is a Catholic, don’t tell me her marriage was annulled that will be the next thing.  She is a Catholic and so readily she is announcing her Catholic Faith and converting to The Church of England.  Excuse me whilst I vomit, I told you above about the Royals and how they hate Catholics, fear them.  Renouncing not only her Country of Birth which is bad enough but her Catholic Faith, again shows the woman for what she is, a Gold digger.  I also understand that they are to be Married, how? by the Head Of the Church Of England?, at Windsor Castle Chapel, that better not be the case.   This is where the Queen’s very strongly opinionated “not mixing the Royal Blood” Mother is buried, along with the Queen’s Sister, Margaret, who although herself had many Black lovers, she still would have had her say on all whats going on.  “The Royals are Blue Blood and are pure” as the Queen, the Queen Mother, Margaret and Philip have always demanded.  Poor Diana before she married Charles had to be examined by one of the Queen’s Doctors, to prove She, Diana, was a Virgin.  Dreadful.    Now look at the Royals.  When Diana was divorced she fell in love with an Indian Doctor and he loved her, “NO NO NO” said Philip and the Queen “”we are having no baies” said Philip.  All these things come out from the Palace, staff sell gossip for money to papers.  Then that final Summer and Diana and Dodi Al Fayed and there was uproar in this Country.  The Queen was furious, Philip was hopping mad, of all people the Son of Al Fayed, they could not have that.  There were rumours Diana was pregnant, oh boy more trouble.  The Queen so angry, Philip ranting as were the others “no ……. …. in this family” said Philp, that leaked out to the papers.  We all know the ending to that romance don’t we, Accident of course it was???????  The Queen annoyed stripped Mohammed Al Fayed of his Royal Patronage over the Doors of Harrods, such a pathetic move by the Queen.  There can never be any accidents for the Al Fayed’s they know too much and it would all be too obvious, just as Paul Burrell, Butler friend and confidant to Diana – his untimely death would cause gossip.  He knows far too much about Charles the Queen and the rest of therm.


God I do hope that this divorced woman, in my lifetime will cause enough problems to bring down the Royals.   I would love to see a Republic here.   So there
























The late talented Jana Novotna and the Duchess of Ken comforting her, so unusual but so lovely.






The Funeral of what should have been our future Queen, Diana.   We will never accept that old bag of Charles as Queen.  The Queen will never have the respect or the love shown here at Diana’s Funeral.












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