I have for sometime now been reading, via CBS SFBAY Area, about the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco,  by immigrant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, who was deported 5 times.

The whole case has been a travesty of Justice.   I am sure by now there can be few who have not heard about the murder of this beautiful woman by this man.  Today I read on CBS SF BAY Area the following;

“A white nationalist group set up a memorial for Kate Steinle near where she was shot at Pier 14, just one of several impassioned reactions to the Not Guilty Verdict in the Trial of the illegal immigrant who shot her.”


Now I am sure there will be those lefties and do gooders the  political correctness lot and those bleeding heart liberals that are ruining this World of ours, that will hit back and say this is nothing but an attack on an innocent illegal immigrant and an attack on every immigrant illegal or not.  Zarate has several felony convictions so he is no innocent.

Sadly San Francisco has been named as “Sanctuary City” could be every immigrant illegal or not who commits a crime will do so in San Francisco where no doubt they will get away with their crime.

Having followed this case, I thought that this man would get away with it because it took place in San Francisco and its liberal ideas, but I hoped he would not.  Sadly he did get away with it.

A Group called EVROPA erected the Memorial to Kate, it is decorated with flowers, candles and messages, that read “Build the Wall”.

This may or may not be popular but its time that the White people fought back, spoke out, defended themselves.  Here in the UK there are those that believe we have a fight on our hands to keep our Culture to keep the Faith of this Country as Christian.  I am sure this is the case in America and elsewhere.  If we don’t look to see what is going on in our Country, we will soon become a minority.

The murder of this young woman for no reason may be a turning point in America, San Francisco needs to take a close look at itself, those living there that accept the verdict of this case need to take a good look at themselves.

My deepest sympathies go to Kate’s Family, they have not had Justice.  Their own Courts let them down for an illegal immigrant who had been Deported Five Times.








Kate Steinle


  1. It sounds to me as if it was a travesty of justice. The guy should have been put away for a long time. But not anything to do with him being an immigrant. That is where it goes wrong. All murderers or manslaughterers need locking up. The fact that he was an immigrant should be nothing to do with it. It has been picked up by the right to stir up hatred of immigrants. The injustice was that a poor girl was killed and the murderer got away too lightly.

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    1. Did you read it, it has a lot to do with him being an immigrant he had been deported FIVE times, and not once but FIVE times and yet this man was in San Francisco and took the life of this beautiful girl. It is not the right as you put it stirring things up its those bleeding heart liberals, the bloody do gooders, the pc lot those that think every immigrant is innocent, that Jury have to live with themselves, when this man if he is freed or given a short sentence when he is free he will commit crimes again in SF its a safe city for him, they will deport him he will return. Tell that to Europe tell that to our Country. Tell that to all the girls/woman/children raped in Europe by IMMIGRANTS. Take a very close look at this Country Opher, you sit comfortably in your home as I do, but take a close look at what is going on in Towns and Cities across this land.


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