The following I have found to be absolutely terrifying.  I was born in this Country, England, and I love my Country and will defend it to the end but I never thought in my lifetime I would see the following happening in my Country.  I was born here in 1949 my parents came here to work and live from Southern Ireland so I have Irish blood running through my veins.

I have absolutely no doubt that the following will upset many and I am sure that my comments will also upset many but this is the United Kingdom a Christian Country predominantly white, or at least I thought so.

I started this last evening and returning to it now another day, I am still upset still seething inside me.  How has all this been allowed to happen here, and I also question who the hell are the Police supposed to be protecting, they receive their well paid salaries from the British Taxpayers, and they all stay on to get their excellent Pensions at the end of their service.  I was sickened to see the Police protecting these Muslims  who were carrying weapons, the White Police watched and marched with these Baseball bat, sticks, poles carrying Pakistanis as they pushed and pushed the White Protesters out of the ENGLISH TOWN.   Why the hell were they not protecting the White protestors who were not being violent.  The Police wants to remember what Country they are in.  My estimation over the years has dropped seeing this I have little respect for them.

I am not, before it is claimed, a Supporter of this Group, I have read about them and they are not people I would give any time to but saying that they marched quietly in comparison to the Pakistanis they had a right to walk on the streets of that English Town and not be spat at pushed out, marched out of the Town, have screaming Pakistani women in their burkas and a white one who should have been ashamed, in her burka screaming “this is our Country not yours, its not a White Country”,   “its not a Christian Country, its a Muslim Country, our Country”.

Well I have news for them it is NOT I REPEAT NOT THEIR COUNTRY AND THIS IS A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY AND WILL REMAIN SO.   I am furious that these people are allowed into this Country, refuse to mix, refuse to speak the language, most of all they refuse to accept our Laws.  The take over homes/shops driving white communities out, they force them out and then then they own everything.

When the West Indians came here they settled in, it was not easy for them but they did, they lived amongst us, they spoke our language they were extremely hard workers and I know I was friends with many very good people.  I know there is a problem now with a lot of west Indian youth, lot of it goes back to discipline in the home, their grandparents were very strict, we had neighbours and the children were so well behaved, Church every Sunday.

When the Indians came here they were no problem, you never see or hear Indians rioting, they are hard workers, very much for education, their children are well behaved.  Just like the Chinese they are hard workers, polite well educated and no problem.

Then the Pakistani/Bangladeshis come and they start to take over, elderly people probably born in the house they live in, suddenly become surrounded by these Pakistanis who buy up everything, the elderly white people become isolated and scared, and we the Whites stood back and let it happen now we have this situation as below.  This is not isolated, I have since seeing the clip below seen other British Towns where this situation exists this attitude exists


December 12th   –   I have held onto the above wondering if I Should send this out, I don’t want to cause offence to anyone, but the truth is here.  The White community in this Country are being pushed out.  In Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and the rest of Europe there are serious problems.  What will happen, I suspect that all the Far Right Organisations will get together, they will be a force.  In Germany in Holland these Far Right Groups are not like the English groups, they are far more organized far more prepared.  Has anyone seen the young men and women in Germany who have joined,  have you seen them training, makes one recall all those old history clips of Germany.

Unless all Political Parties, not just this Conservative Government but ALL Politicians, if they do not listen if they do not take action now, and stop pandering to the Black communities here, all the Muslims here in fear they are thought of as Racists, this obsession to pander to these groups in everything is sickening to see and hear its pathetic. They must start addressing the problems the White British are having, they must fight to keep this Country Christian.  I may not see it but there will come a time and I don’t believe it is too far off, when the White British and even the West Indians and Indian communities will get together and fight to maintain this Country, Our Country NOT the Muslims Country.  The White British are not the enemy here.   Far too many Muslims have too much power, these Mosques need to be looked at seriously, Education Centres really?   We British do a lot of talking but little action.  If push came to shove and the Whites fought back I would be prepared to be on the barricades.   If they don’t, then we will get what we deserve in this Country.





An English Town.  At least it should be, what it is is Frightening.




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