In China the following that I will tell you about, is taking place and I have only just heard about it.  What the Chinese are doing is beyond words, I am so very upset I am annoyed, furious, ANGRY I just had to report what I have read about and seen via the internet.  PETA/UK are trying to help trying to end it, please look them up.  I shall be contacting Donkey Charities I know and asking why they have not mentioned the below.

We all know that the Chinese do some cruel things to obtain the “special medicines” that they want, that others want, much to their bloody shame.  This is just so sickening, when are people going to stop their obsession for looking younger wanting these special gels, liquids whatever it is that these barbaric chinese slaughter poor animals for.  Those that buy any products for their faces, their bodies that have animals slaughtered for, tested for I hope that these people rot in hell.  Don’t wear makeup don’t wear these creams don’t drink these “special tonics” etc.  If you do you are a very uncaring individual.

What these poor innocent Donkeys are put through is beyond words.  Donkeys are such gentle sweet innocent animals who always look so sad and love to be brushed touched.  As a child every summer holiday in Ireland, I used to cry when I would see the men whipping their poor donkeys in order to get to Mass early, hypocrites.  I would stand outside the Church before and after mass stroking, kissing these beautiful creatures.  My Grandad had a Donkey and he loved it so much, perhaps thats why I love them so.

Please try and look at this video, I know it is sickening and very hard to watch if you love animals as I do, but please take note as to what the Chinese are doing and the exports to places like Australia – who should know better but obviously don’t care.

If you possibly can, please make a donation to PETA/UK the Charity that I first saw this barbaric treatment that is  happening highlighted.  No matter how small it all helps.

Donkeys are gentle and sweet and all Children love them, they also as you may well know, if you look you will see on their backs a Cross, they carried Mary and the unborn Baby Jesus, and soon we shall be Celebrating Christmas, and for some we Celebrate the Birth of Jesus, please remember the Donkeys that were in the Stable in Bethlehem.  As I look at my Crib and wait for midnight on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day  to arrive so I can place the Baby Jesus in the Crib, I see the two Donkeys and hate all the barbaric things that are done to all animals in our World.

Thank you for reading this and if you have, looking at the following. The following was made by “Open Access”.






With gratitude to “Open Access”



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