I had to take my chance, how much longer could I put up with this.  She sat there on the edge of the bath contemplating whether or not to phone the police or phone her Father.  As she sat there, a towel across her lap the towel she had used to wipe her hands. She had her white dressing gown on that too had blood.

She looked at him, there in the shower, slumped to the floor, his eyes just staring at her.  She knew she still loved him but she had no choice not this time.  Strange how the blood was slowly dripping from the wound, as she looked to the floor of the shower a pool of blood was around him, around his slumped body.

Her mind went back to those days when they were in love so much, why did it all seem to turn, when was it he started to control me she wondered.  That first time he was different, the first time he hurt me it would “never happen again” he assured me but it did happen the way he would talk down to me the way he would make me feel so insecure, the way he would hurt me leaving bruises, bruises where no one would see them.

Deceiving me expecting me to tolerate it for how long for as long as he wanted.  Until tonight, tonight was the end tonight it all changed.  Whatever happens next she told herself at least I won’t have to face his ridicule his slaps, and my tears my tears of wanting it all to stop to go back to how it once was.

How long had she been here, they were here now examining him “the body”  as they called him.  Questions so many questions.   His eyes still looking at me, that surprised look, just as surprised when I opened the shower door.  He turned looked at me “what is it now, not more tears please” he said.

“No there won’t be more tears” I said, he gave a sly laugh and before he could turn I pushed the meat knife into his chest, I could feel the tearing of the knife as it went into his flesh “what the fuck” he said as he tried to pull the knife from me, but I wouldn’t let go “you’re crazy you bloody bitch” he mumbled as he slumped down.  I pushed the knife further into him as the blood ran, suddenly I had no more strength and could push no more.  Blood just seem to run  around his body, I was afraid to touch him in case he was alive.

“So I sat here and watched him, he was dead, dead so I phoned you” she said to the Police Officer.  Chief Inspector Alcott bent down looked at her “do you need a Doctor” he asked her, “no I don’t think so, this has been coming a long time I really didn’t want to do it but I never knew when he would hit me, it took the smallest thing to set him off”, she told Alcott.  Alcott said “you have been cautioned, you do understand your rights” he asked her “yes I do, you have been kind to me” she said to Alcott, “nonsense doing the job, sorry but I see bruises on your thigh, did your husband do that” he asked caringly.

“Yes, last night” she said as she lifted her dressing gown to show the bruises, “we need to have our Doctor look at those and some photos taken for evidence is that alright with you” he asked.  “Yes its alright” she said.  No one could mistake the deepening purple bruises that were on her thigh, and soon to be seen by the Police Doctor, the same on her left side.

Chief Inspector Alcott led her from the bathroom, she turned to see her husband there on the shower floor markers around his body, so many people in their bathroom.  “Would you please dress so we can take you down to the police station, you understand” he said to her, “yes I do, I’ll dress” she answered.  The policewoman followed her to her bedroom where she started to dress, but not before the policewoman noted the bruises on the woman’s breasts and older bruises on her stomach, this was no ordinary “one slap and retaliation domestic”, the policewoman scanned the bedroom with her eyes and in doing so did not notice what the Jenny Heston was doing, until the policewoman turned to look at Jenny and in doing so the policewoman screamed and screamed “help Gov, now please help anyone”, they all came running to the direction of the bedroom, Alcott was there first then his Sergeant just behind, the policewoman was with Jenny but it seemed too late.

Jenny was slumped across her dressing table her arms dangling either side of what seemed to be her lifeless body, blood dripping from both her wrists.”Take a wrist wrap anything tight around it, quick” said Alcott as he himself took Jenny’s left wrist the blood was falling, he took the belt from her dressing gown wrapped it tight around the wrist, “how is it” Alcott shouted to his Sergeant Marsh, “I’ve wrapped it tightly, she has lost so much blood, but she is alive Gov” he said “”ok seal this room all of it and let’s get her to hospital right now, anyone phoned the ambulance” he asked “yes gov” should one of the PCs “well done lad” said the Gov.

“I’m so sorry Chief Inspector, I didnt see her, she done it so quickly, I’m so sorry” said the young Policewoman “it’s alright don’t blame yourself, I Should have recognised the signs, my fault if anyones” said Alcott, “have you had a cup of tea” he asked the PC “no Sir I’ll be fine”, “not until you have had a cup of tea and sat down, someone get a Tea for this young Policewoman will you please” Alcott asked, “yes Gov on its way” said a Policeman.

“Right, make sure everything is sealed, Doc you’ll get the body  out for the postmortem” asked Alcott “yes I’ll do that” said Doctor Wright, “I’ll let you have the results asap” said Wright.  “I’ll go with Jenny to the hospital” said Alcott.  “Ok Gov I’ll see you there” said his Sergeant.

Alcott climbed into the Ambulance and held Jenny’s hand, she turned to him and tears ran down her cheeks “trust me he said, we will help you, just try and stay with us Jenny” as her eyes kept closing, the Paramedic felt her pulses and looked at Chief Inspector Alcott “Jenny stay with us, stay with me stay Jenny” said Alcott.













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