The crunch of snow underfoot

carefully treading

where one goes

the trees and branches

snow that drops

to ground plop plop


Passing strangers

raise your head

we say “good morning”

and trudge on through the snow


So cold, so cold

wrapped up  well

but that biting cold

seeps through my skin to my bones


Onwards I must go

destination not far away

the little nursery so quiet today

no children here or out to play


I long for home

I so want to be there

safe behind the walls

in the warmth I love to be

with Christmas Cards to write


Soon, soon all this will end

“how many more infusions”

I ask and hear “five more”

and give a sigh


Let me go home

where I am safe

locked away in my World

warm, not always happy

but who is these days





Vienna Boys Choir     –     (Thanks to Santa Klaus)




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