One of my Sons passed the following to me, knowing how I am mad about all Animals.  “Mana” was 59 years of age and a Matriarch of the Zoo In Amsterdam, Holland.  This beautiful Chimp seemed to be prepared to die, curled up like a baby with her blanket.

Then suddenly her handler of so many years appeared and you can see the Chimp raise her hand to him and then she recognises him and screams and screams for him, she was so excited so delighted to be reunited with her handler once more.  Mana is at the end of her days, yet she  recognised the man she loved the man that cared for her.  There are people who say Animals have no feelings, well we can see that it is not true.  All Animals feel pain, feel love and cry  –  this is the proof.  Absolutely beautiful, so moving.

Lets hope “Mana” will soon be FREE to run those lands that she should have been FREE on, climb those Trees that she should have.    All Animals should be FREE and Safe.










(Thanks to Dodo)          “Mana” says goodbye.  I know I cried when I watched this, will you?


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    1. Thank you Opher, its so beautiful isn’t it, the love from Mana for her former handler, my heart just aches that her whole life was spent in captivity, thats just so wrong. Many thanks too Opher for reblogging appreciate that very much.


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