I had no intention of doing a blog today but having just learned what I have my extreme annoyance has drawn me to do this blog.  It is not intended, as I say on so many occasions, to offend or insult anyone.

I learned that in St John’s Church, Stratford, East London they have a Nativity scene already set up which is lovely, which is something as a Christian I would expect a Church to display.  My Stable and Crib is not displayed yet, and when it is I never place Baby Jesus in his crib until midnight Christmas Eve.

I have been told all the figures in the Nativity Scene in St John’s Church have been set out, including Baby Jesus already placed in his Crib.  We all know what the Nativity scene looks like, the Shepherds and their sheep, the Three Wise Kings, the Donkeys in the Stable, Joseph around one side of the Crib, Baby Jesus in his Crib with his Mother looking down at him, and praying, The Virgin Mary looks at her newborn Child as  every Mother does at her newborn, but wait there is one difference here in this scene at St Johns Church.

What is that, well we all are aware that The Virgin Mary is White, that should not even be of any concern but what have they done at St John’s Church, they have which I find personally appalling, they have obviously painted The Virgin Mary Black.  The Virgin Mary was White not Black, this is not a racist comment as some may say.  This is a fact.  The Nativity is not a political agenda.

I am so angry so very angry about this.  Why I just don’t understand why would a Church allow this to happen, why was The Virgin Mary painted Black.  This is about the Birth of Our Saviour, Jesus.  Those of us that have a faith, I am lapsed Catholic, those of us that are Christians, believe in Our Lord, believe in Life after Death, and I believe so strongly that there is a better life after this one is over, I do not fear Death I fear How I may Die.

To have the Virgin Mary made Black is to bring Politics into Religion and for me there is no place for Politics in Religion, I don’t like it when the Pope speaks out as he does on occasions.  Why do certain Whites, mostly left wing thinking people, put pressure on to bring their Politics into a simple most beautiful scene as the Nativity.  It is wrong very, very wrong.  I objected when I heard that in another Nativity scene, somewhere else, The Virgin Mary and Joseph were replaced by two Homosexuals, why why why?  Stop all this nonsense that is going on in our Countries, a Nativity scene is simple its beautiful its not about being Homosexual or being Black.  This Country of mine, the UK seems to have gone mental, pandering to certain people certain groups, at the same time forgetting their own people.

I know that Stratford in East London is of mixed cultures and that the Church is known for people working together of different races, thats fine thats up to them.  But, to interfere for no other reason than to bring their politics into the Nativity scene.   There are those that do not believe in Christianity there are those that want to destroy our Country’s Christian Belief, well they won’t.  If we do not speak out do not object when terrible politically encouraged desecration of the Nativity  scenes in our Churches takes place, then we are allowing this Country and its beliefs and its standards to slide away.  If I went to a Service in the Church across the road from me and their Nativity scene was about being “modern, political, trying to be clever arses” I would walk out and make my feelings known.

I am fully aware of the painting or statue  of The Black Madonna or Black Virgin.  These originated in Poland in the medieval period or earlier.  They are known to exist in Europe and elsewhere mainly in Catholic or Orthodox Churches.

Keep Politics and Racist induced arguments out of our Christian Faith. The Nativity with all its beauty of the Birth of Our Lord in a stable is simply beautiful, it is not for tampering with.  The Next thing will be the Archangel will be blacked up.

Where do we stop, Good Friday and the Crucifixion, will Our Lord be blacked up and placed on the Cross?






The Nativity Scene, simple and beautiful as it should be.



  1. Ha – Anna – what does the colour matter?
    It was the Europeans who painted Jesus and Mary as white but they weren’t really were they? They came from Palestine where the population is Arabic and brown skinned – although there were a number of Eritreans and other Africans. They could have been black couldn’t they? That’s more likely than white.
    Tradition isn’t always right. Besides traditions evolve. Most of our Christmas traditions are Victorian.

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    1. YES the color matters, for centuries no one has ever “messed around” with the Nativity and the figures of The Virgin Mary or Joseph or Baby Jesus. Yes if you go back to the Birth of Our Lord in that stable it would not matter we accept things as they are. To paint as they did the Statue of Our Lady they done it for no other reasons only politics. You complain all the time about Religion, well I am saying right now because I am bloody furious about this KEEP THE BLOODY POLITICS OUT OF RELIGION, LEFT WING AGITATORS, that is what painting the Virgin Mary Black is all about. Those that don’t like this Country’s Tradition whenever they originated can just piss off out of the Country, and yes Opher I am livid.


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