My two grown Sons went Christmas shopping today not here where we live but further afield, and only came home an half an hour ago nearly 9pm, ladened with bags and tired.

They seem to have had a good time, they both work so hard and it seems they really did have an enjoyable time.  The treats begin, my eldest Son came home with a bag of the most delicious Baklava.  I have not had any for such a long time.  The first time I tasted Baklava was the first time my late Husband took me to a Greek Restaurant, and the owner of the Restaurant came out with a plate of this delicious, gorgeous handmade Baklava full of nuts and Honey, yummy – yummy.

David being of Greek descent on his Mother’s side.  His Grandfather, Xristo (I hope I have spelt it right) had come to London from Salonika, he later was mentioned in The London Times when he saved hundreds of his people when War broke out early 20th century.  He used one of his best friend’s ships and escaped with everyone that way.

David would tell me all about his Grandfather he was so proud of and Greek food that his Mother would cook, he would tell me about his Mother’s long hair that fell below her waist and that it was the colour of the dark Aegean Sea, yet David never went to Greece  –  such a shame, his Father was English.  His Grandfather would insist on Turkish Coffee everytime.   When my eldest Son came home this evening there was a big bag of the most gorgeous looking Baklava, something I should not eat number one it will put weight on (its Christmas) but most of all I am Diabetic.

I just had to try a small one, well small it looked to me.  That first morsel and I was carried away.  The flakey filo pastry, crammed with all sorts of nuts and then the honey, the rest of the Baklava I have had to resist for now.  Mind you I could have a cup of tea later (I have no Turkish coffee) and another piece of Baklava.

There was also another bag full of real (not the chocolate covered one) but the real scented Turkish Delight, how I love that too that will have to wait until tomorrow.  There was a Turkish stall in this great Food Market they went too.

I am going to have to resist all these treats, well in moderation.  Let me get some gifts wrapped, have my hot bubble bath and then I’ll make a cup of Tea and a Baklava.

Wish you could pop around and share them with me.  All the best.



Now don’t you just fancy some!!


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