So the past repeats itself, for those that follow the Royals and I don’t, they had hoped that they had seen, for them, the bad days of “Fergie”, the so called Duchess of York and Diana, HRH Princess of Wales.  When those two got together they caused nothing but trouble.

I was told “you must see this you won’t like it”  on the Left Wing BBC News the Royals attending Church at Sandringham, Norfolk the private home of the Queen.  There marching along in her chosen suitable Royal clothes was the Bride in waiting, this so called actress from “Oakland”, as she walked past those staunch Royal fans who come out rain or shine (have to be something wrong with them), this divorced woman who Harry chose to be his wife Poked Her Tongue Out at the People.  CHARMING!!  Ladylike behaviour, I don’t think so.  A sign of what is to come, DEFINITELY.

“The Men in Grey” must have been horrified, or were they?  They have seen it all, from the Nazi Betrayer of his Country, the Duke of Windsor, thank God Britain never had him on the Throne, his thirst for was it three times divorced American woman done for him, no not really that was for the public, the truth was “The Men in Grey”  had to make sure that the then Prince of Wales never came to the Throne of England.  The Duke of Windsor gave all the information to the Nazis to allow them to storm Paris within days, he betrayed the Country that later gave him his refuge and his Free Home.  Windsor told the Nazis to keep bombing London, Great Britain as the British were on their knees and would not be able to go on much longer.  The bastard was wrong, the British may have been on their knees but they fought back with everything they had, there were horrendous losses of life but they might have been bombed that night they got up the next morning and went to work, the British may be regarded as “stuffy” etc but the real British Spirit is still there and will always fight back, when there are those that think they can destroy Great Britain and its Christian Faith.

So when this cocky so called actress comes here, and some of the papers, because Free Press is a joke really, so much is repressed, when those papers headline “cheeky bride to be pokes her tongue out” enough of us are saying to her this divorced woman who it is disgraceful that the Queen as Head of The Church of England has permitted a Church Wedding, we are saying to this woman from “Oakland”   –   “you are not liked not wanted and we shall just sit back and watch how you will destroy yourself.

As a British Taxpayer I totally resent the way my money goes towards the Wedding, the Protection 24 hours a day (and she will get sick of it) and the troubles that will come and the eventual Divorce.

We had to put up with that “Fergie” long enough and we Taxpayers still pay for her Protection, and that of her vicious husband and two lazy ugly daughters who spend their time shopping and going on holiday.  So this new entry into the Royals need not think she is liked.  Poking One’s Tongue Out at People is extremely rude, what manners did she ever learn from her mother or divorced Father, none it seems.  The British Do Not Find It Funny.  She is joining the most dysfunctional Family, a Cold Family.

“The Men in Grey” shall have their hands full but undoubtedly they will manage.  Such a shame that the famous Private Secretary to the Queen Sir Alan “Tommy” Lascelles was not still around.  All the problems with Charles and Diana and that “Fergie” may not have been so bad, most ot it would have been suppressed.    He would have known how to deal with what is to come.

When the Queen dies, I can’t see the Royals continuing for very long, Queen Elizabeth II was/is a very strong Woman who has had to deal with many disturbing instances not only in her public life but private life.  The Queen has never let down this Country, until now I feel as Head of The Church of England in allowing this marriage of a divorced woman to take place in Church.  Without Elizabeth II the remaining Royals will finish themselves.

Then, the United Kingdom can move on.







Shirley Bassey    –    The Lady Is A Tramp


2 thoughts on “SHOWN UP FOR WHAT SHE IS

    1. Could not agree with you more Opher. Over the holiday have been watching “The Crown” on Netflix, have you seen it. My God I knew the Royals were dysfunctional but had no idea just how much. Disgusting lot, and their patronizing ways to us. When the Queen dies they will ruin themselves.


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