When will the World be Peaceful

we ask the question all the time

when man no longer

hates and fights

then the World

will be peaceful


Now too much hatred

and too much intolerance

still exists

and no one listens

man just goes to war

and fights


When will the world be peaceful

we can only wait and see

one day, one day all will be clear

man will come to his senses

and peace will rein

we hope and pray


When Will The World Be Peaceful

One Day  –  One Day

We will Rejoice



Maurice Ravel  (March 7, 1875  –  December 28, 1937)    –    Pavane For Dead Princess

4 thoughts on “WHEN THE WORLD

  1. I just keep thinking of what Jesus said in Matthew. “There will always be wars and rumors of wars.” But we shouldn’t give up hope! (I love this piece of music, btw. Been a favorite for awhile.)


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