Feeling somewhat fed up, well its the beginning of the New Year and I never start to feel alive until the middle of March arrives, or at least the first signs of Spring  –  the first Snowdrops and then Crocus and Daffs, life beings once again, and I can come out of hibernation.  I have made it through the cursed October, November and December just January and that useless February to get through.  Having had a bad fall last February which left me with so much pain and some difficulty walking since, I have tried to be careful  –  well careful I was when I tripped in my bedroom the other night, the bruises have come out, its another good start to another year.

I was supposed to strip the Christmas Trees so they could be taken out of the house, but I just never got around to it, the Fairy on the top of the Tree in the Living room looks decidedly drunk, she is just about hanging on.  As for Teddy Bear Santa on the very tall Tree in the Hall well he is still going strong looking down upon us all, even my dog Daisy putting her fluffy toys around the Tree, it still keeps looking alive.

When I came downstairs this morning, walked into the kitchen went to fill the kettle for THAT first cup of Tea, looked out of the window to be greeted with this massive drainpipe, or at least its some type of pipe that has fallen off the wall of the house, “Oh No” I said or something like that!!  Well I am sure you can imagine.  I was far from happy, I know the Pigeons that come to feed sit on that pipe and from the bathroom you can hear them swing on it, it’s the pipe that takes the water from the bathroom basin I think.  Just more money to fork out, my eldest Son said he will try and put it back up, which he did but it really needs a new one, have to find a Plumber?  I went out in the freezing cold, well freezing to me!  I got the hosepipe out and washed down the kitchen windows that had been hit by the droppings from the pipe that eventually come off, and I hosed the ground too, boy was I glad to get back inside the house.

For the last three days I have a Wisdom tooth that has come up and is pushing the back tooth next to it, heavens it is so painful, my left jaw is swollen, when Jonathan my eldest Son looked at it he said it was “impacted, you need to see the Dentist”  –  “no no no have too many painful memories of a dentist”, I will just have to cope with painkillers and some Green Tea.

I was given four CDs in my Christmas stocking,  Classical music and two others well romantic and lovely, what else would they be!!  One I am just playing, hence this to you (thats if you are kind enough to read this dribble).  The singer is new to me, maybe not you, but he is called by all accounts another Nat King Cole, the CD is called Gregory Porter Nat “King” Cole & Me, and goodness he sounds just like the late great Nat “King” Cole  –  From Mona Lisa to Smile to Miss Otis Regrets and Pick Yourself Up, in total twelve songs, Gregory Porter is brilliant and I shall be playing him very often.

It’s so very cold and windy here where I live, by the Sea, the evening is so dark and boring looking without the fairy lights, why can’t we have the fairy lights on all the time?  Do you pack all your fairy flights away?  I have boxes of spring bulbs to be planted, some too late but I’ll plant them nevertheless, I have done that before with daffodil bulbs, and had the daffs come up in the garden in June, they look good too.

I have another “exciting” day tomorrow, my last Infusion at the Hospital and some Blood Tests they agreed to do for me, that will save me going over again to the Hospital this week for them.  Then later this week I have to go for my six monthly Heart check up at the Surgery and January 31 it gets more exciting when I have my appointment again at the Hospital to see the Specialist concerning my “chronic left kidney failure”, life never works out the way one wants but so far I am still alive!!   Hope you are doing well, take care.


Gregory Porter  –  Nat King Cole & Me




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