Those so called Government and Opposition  Politicians and in particular that most unpopular Mayor of London Sadiq Khan have absolutely NO RIGHT to have prevented the President of The United States Donald Trump from coming to Great Britain.

It is with deep regret that I learnt this afternoon that President Donald Trump has decided Not to come to the UK where he would have been surprised at the amount of British People who actually were looking forward to his visit.

Instead that extreme Left Wing twat Khan went out of his way to make sure that President Donald Trump would not be welcome.  The truth is we would only be too pleased to see the President and to have Khan shipped off to some Island.

The Prime Minister and indeed the Queen should bow their heads in shame in not arranging an Official visit by President Donald Trump and his First Lady.  The President and his First Lady should have been asked as soon as he became President, and allowed to visit this Country, even speak in Westminster Hall.  After all we had to tolerate that useless Obama here in the UK and speaking a load of crap in Westminster Hall.  I have never known a newly Elected President of The United States not to have been issued with an Invitation for an Official Visit, this is the first time and I am so ashamed of my Country and so terribly embarrassed.

I feel ashamed to be British tonight, ashamed that my Country thanks to people like that twat Khan and tossers like Jeremy Corbyn and his little band of followers and all those creeps that jump on any bandwagon going, no matter what direction it may go in.  Theresa May has lowered this Country’s standing as far as America is concerned she has made us look complete fools.

The fact that the President of The United States would not feel safe coming to the UK says a lot about us right now.  This Country has a rotten taste to it and its due to the extreme Left Wing Labour Party, its due to their most dangerous gangs of followers, its due to the complete gutless Government we have right now, its due to that tosser Khan and its due to the ordinary People of this Country Not Standing UP and shouting for all to hear;



Shame on the Government of this Country, shame on the opposition parties, shame on the Left Wing BBC, shame on that unwanted Khan and most of all shame on us the People for not creating a fuss to bring the President of The United States Donald Trump to our Shores.

I never thought I would say this, but by God I so wish we had Margaret Thatcher back, she is so terribly needed these days.  At least Great Britain was a proud Country under her, look at us now, giving into any group, giving into home grown Terrorists and not arresting them, Britain needs a Strong Person at the helm like Thatcher or Winston Churchill.  The Extreme Far Left are growing in this Country and they must be stopped before anymore damage is done by them, people will not open their eyes as to what is going on here in the UK, when it is too late they will.

Making the President of The United States Donald Trump so un-welcomed here is one step down that road, it will not take too much for riots on the streets here.  What we do not need and definitely DO NOT WANT is that utter useless Obama, he is no friend to the UK he has criticised us and continues to do so, Obama should be kept out he is not wanted here at any time.



On another note the Left Wing BBC are currently running a tv programme here about the actress Miriam Margolyes on her visits to The United States.  I don’t particularly like Miss Margolyes I never have or her acting.  As an individual she is far too Left Wing, but despite that I was interested to see the programme a series  and her visits to the United States.  What I am embarrassed about deeply ashamed at is the fact that this left wing actress is using her politics to find any criticism re the President Donald Trump.

This Jewish actress has shown nothing but abuse and has been so rude to the point of my feeling embarrassed that I want to apologise to the White Americans she has spoken to, to their Homes she has been invited to, only to insult them.  When it comes to the Black areas good or bad, she can find nothing but kind words, except for one African Gentleman who had been in the United States since the 1970s and had a job was working hard, was Married with a lovely Family and he was to become an American Citizen, to his Celebrations and to watch the Ceremony he invited Margolyes, she could not find anything nice to say but was mocking this Gentleman for waving the US Flag and smiling and enjoying himself for becoming a United States Citizen, he was over the moon but Margolyes could only mock, disgusting to watch.  Yet her “understanding” for the murderers she has spoken to in their prisons, for the women doing 20 years or more for such serious crimes, “its not your fault darling you are in  here” she states, if it is not the criminal who has been convicted is at fault then who the hell is to blame, Society of course according to this stupid little British woman.

This is a Left Wing Biased actress working for the Left Wing BBC and their views they are trying to ram down our throats and I personally have HAD ENOUGH of these bastards doing this and I will and am fighting back and so should everyone.

America please accept my apologies for the Left Wing Margolyes running down the ordinary decent hard working people of the United States.





  1. Seemingly he did not want to come to this shithole, not enough pussies to grab, South of London wasn’t good enough for him, no environmental laws to get rid of, not enough wealthy people and multinationals to give hand-outs to – or was it that the Whitehouse is in such a dysfunctional state he couldn’t get it organised?

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    1. With reference to “shit holes” it was to those Countries where people are leaving to enter other Countries like the USA and OURS. As regards “pussies” I assume you are referring to the days of Bill Clinton in the White House and Jack Kennedy. Clinton leaving his DNA on a dress!! The White House at last has returned to what it used to be before that useless sod Obama, was it not Obama who said “the one good thing about being in the Oval Office is you can fucking swear”, was it not Biden who said live on a radio show “this was a fucking good deal”. Its alright for that useless individual Obama to swear but not President Donald Trump, what double standards you have Opher. Re that imbecile Khan he is not liked in London he has caused nothing but trouble and mixing with the types he does no wonder London has Terrorists attacks. Khan has no authority to say who can or cannot be invited to London to the UK. You and the rest of the extreme Left Wing demand that it is wrong to ban people coming to our Country, yet YOU BAN with your talk and others actions the right of The President of The United States to visit this Country. DOUBLE STANDARDS.

      It is an embarrassment and extreme shame that this Country has not extended an Official Visit to The President of the United States and His First Lady. After all all those pathetic crawling politicians who invited Obama over with the Queen agreeing, and asked for that useless thick headed Obama to speak in Our Westminster Hall, it was disgusting that he did so. For the Queen to insult President Trump so, is appalling but she can invite over the money lot from the middle east so she can discuss her damn horses with them.

      If you, Opher, want to refer to this Country as a “shit-hole” why don’t you then leave it. The Extreme Left Wing and the Left Wing BBC are doing their best to destroy this Country. If ever there was a time that we needed someone with the strength of Margaret Thatcher or Winston Churchill it is now, we are being over run and soon rather than later there will be blood on the streets.


  2. I have a pretty good suspicion that if our political relations between our two countries breaks down Britain will be inscribed on the sh*thole list sooner rather than later… Depends on his mood and state of mind on any given day…

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    1. Cheryl, as soon as Sharia Law comes in we will be a “shit-hole”. I do not blame President Trump if he pulled deals away from the UK the way he has been treated by not only the Government but the Queen is appalling. Whether one likes him or not he is The President of The United States and is entitled to respect for his Office. What annoys me is no one comments on all the good he has done all the deals he has secured etc.


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