She was sleeping soundly, having had a rather stressful day at work, when suddenly Patch her Border Collie startled her with slight growling, Maggie sat up in the bed, looked at her clock it was 4.45 “alright patch shhh I can’t hear anything”, as she stroked patch, the dog turned and licked her hand and started to growl  once more.

Maggie rose herself further up in the bed this time she started to accept what patch was trying to say to her, she held her dog closely as patch wanted to go and investigate.  Maggie picked up her mobile phone and started to ring the Police, when suddenly………

She heard footsteps on her staircase, this time she was really frightened, patch looked up to her licking her face, “its alright darling” she said as she stroked patch “we will be alright”, Maggie quietly left her bed and quickly locked her bedroom door, she was still on the phone to the police and this time someone actually answered.

Maggie gave her name, her address and phone number and told the officer there was someone in her house, someone on her staircase right now, the Officer told Maggie they would be around straight away “what do you mean straight away, ten minutes thats no good I need someone now, don’t you understand” she said quietly trying not to let whoever was in the house hear her talking to the police.

She could hear whoever was in the house moving around going into the other rooms, no doubt searching for money or whatever they deemed as valuable.  She told patch that they could hide in the closet, the back of the closet opened up with enough space to hide but “patch you are going to have to be quiet so quiet”, she told the young dog she decided to open her bedroom window to make it seem she had climbed out to escape.

Maggie pushed the back wall of her closet and it opened, “that was such a good idea of Tom’s to do that”, she said to herself, her Fiancee who was away on business had built this for her safety.  “Now patch go in there and be quiet please be quiet, she tucked herself in and pulled the cord to pull the back shut, Tom had made a hole that could not be seen from  the outside but enough to see from the inside what or who was in the bedroom.

She saw the handle of the bedroom door turn back and forth and a voice then she could hear a tool perhaps a screwdriver trying to take the handle off, patch was getting unsettled and Maggie held him tight kissing him whispering they would be alright.

Suddenly the door opened and there he stood, now she was scared, he walked to the window and looked out, walked over to the bed felt it, “still warm” he muttered.  Maggie continued to watch him holding patch tight at the same time, “how long more are the police going to be” she said to herself and suddenly realized her phone was on,  she quickly turned it off in case it should ring.

He was there “no” she wanted to scream, he was there she could see, at the closet opening the door, he was pushing the clothes on the rail  then he threw the closet door shut, Maggie stayed there with patch.

Maggie did not know if he was still in the bedroom it was a chance she did not want to take to open the door, what if he was there.  In the distance she could hear the Police, thank God she thought, but suddenly the closet door opened again and there he stood his hand reached out to the back of the closet and as he put his hand on the back wall Maggie froze and he………………………………………………………..


Creepy Haunted House      –     (thanks to Soul Candle)



And how am I to face

the odds of man’s

bedevilment and God’s?

I, a stranger

and afraid in a world

I never made.



And silence

sounds no worse

than cheers

After death has

stopped the ears.



The Quotes above are from A. E. HOUSMAN.

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